Who wants to merge with us

9 of us - see A2K alliance - not interested in being absorbed into one of those Borg assimilation giant alliances, we want to keep it family - right now it is 3 of us with multiple accou ts and spouses that have joined

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Can join us dessart87 18/30 use all flags and have a 70% win rate 2k trophy minimum. Not a corporate guild just some people that got together a year ago and we grow together.

Hi there,

Maybe if you want to join us, “The Beacons are lit”.
I let you see that with our leader @FrenziedEye but I think we could be interested if you are too.

Like you, we didn’t want to join a big group of alliances so we can understand each other.
We are currently 11 players from all over the world using all flags and hits for titans or wars.

Have a good day and maybe we will catch up soon

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Hey. would love to absorb some of you guys into our alliance. we started hitting 11* and 12* titans and that got too big for some of our members so we created a sister alliance to keep players engaged. Currently looking for new members or a merger

we are a group of 18 with 13 of us living in same town. family is what environment we created have some spots open if looking for a mature crowd. most player have 6 months to over a year, seasoned in all aspects of the game. we have a good time and make sure to help each other with in house events to help players win things they need to improve their rosters. hope to hear from you

“The Untouchablez” is our alliance name we also have line :slight_smile:

I have room for six check out doppelgänger killing ten star titans.

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