Who to work on next? Domitia, boss wolf, sargasso or obakan?

Who would you favour and why?

Id bring every one of them to 2.60 and wait the next event and try to get G. Panther.

Between the one you are asking Id ascend Obakan: As a fast cleaving Hero it could be useful on raids attack and farming.


Take them all to 2/60, and see if you pull Sartana


I’m personally finishing boss wolf…I’m probably going to level domitia next over obakan.

Likewise 2/60 for those. I took Obakun to 3/70 and he’s not worth it there. I’m one tabard short of all the materials to be able to level three 5* dark to 4/80 from scratch, and still don’t have one that’s worth the tome of tactics when compared to heroes I’m levelling in other colors.

Not Wolf obviously. Very week hero.

I’d go wolf.
Provided you have some good 4 star troops.
Blocking that center lane is a huge plus on defense

I strongly disagree on Wolf. He has been nerfed to irrelevance, though alongside Guinevere, he’s okay.

I also strongly disagree with advice to level everyone to 2-60. Unuseably weak heroes at that level. “Do, or do not. There is no try.” Choose a hero and make it happen, or wait until you have a hero you’re happy to level.

Whether you should wait depends a lot on how much you spend and who else you hold. Sartana and Panther are the two heroes still available that are clearly worth the tabards.

Among the four options you have:

  • Wolf is a big meat-shield but is severely underpowered. Leveling him amounts to a bet that dvs will buff him to make him useful.
  • Obakan is underwhelming. He hits weakly and the self-only Riposte doesn’t bite AoE foes like a three-target does.
  • Sargasso has a use case and is not a stupid use of resources. His recent round of buffs have made him effective against the yellow healers.
  • Domitia is plausible for her debuff (now three targets), although her damage dealt is underwhelming.

@Kerridoc Love :heart:️ the random Yoda quote!


I leveled Domitia to max a while ago and I used to question myself if it was such a good idea (she is still my only purple 5*, I have 3 of her), but since her buff (to dispell 3) I find her much more useful and am really glad I did.


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