Who to work on next, Ameonna or Proteus?

Who will be the right hero purple to work on 1st ? Thank you for advice!

Proteus, then Proteus#2 then Proteus#3. I never found a practical use for Ameonna in beta, but Proteus is one of the best 4* in the game now, IMO. A poor-man’s Hel.


Proteus. This ghost is totally useless. It would be a great hero if we could heal her while in ghost mode. Without healing it’s totally worthless.

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I figured as much when I had two of her drop :rofl::rofl:

Ammeona is really interesting and is fast so could be useful for stacking

But protues is better

My question is… is Ameonna immune to stacking in ghost form? If so, then Proteus (aka Hel Jr) every day of the week and twice on Tuesday.

Tuesday is the worst day of the week, so we need to give it something.

What do you mean “immune to stacking”?

Stacking is the term for the accummulated attack power of multiple heros of the same color. It isnt a buff or debuff.

Proteus, hands down…

Sorry. Brain fart. Was thinking buffs when i wrote stacking.

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So, I had a chance to take those 2 new heroes on a test drive & have to say that both are great in their own rights. I wasn’t sure if Ameonna with her unusual powers would work, but to my surprise she is actually good. Being invisible to everyone & have her normal attack increased is fantastic.

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Was so satisfing when a maxxed joon hit ameonna while she was in ghost

Also I use her to triple stack and man with the 80% attack buff it’s over


Ameonna is great depends on how you use her. Great for raids especially if the other team has all hitting debuff/DoT skill ready (e.g. Zeline/Azlar/Isarnia).

Great for quests if you need your hero to survive just a bit longer to kill the boss.

Can also escape from being killed too quickly against titan with 65% attack buff on tiles.
It takes timing to use her skill and not like a no brainer skill when mana is maxed.

Ameonna in my opinion is one of the more interesting heroes of S2.
Proteus is great as he is a mini Hel without the direct damage.

If you have enough trap tools, just up both.


Only thing I can think 2 do with her

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There is something I’m not sure I comprehend using the 2nd. Special skill on the list. Does she remove buff etc. from her enemy or herself? Can someone please explain it to me?

It’s like a reset on her status. No more buffs or debuffs in her ghost mode.

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I got 3 proteus from pulls …should I keep all of them? :confused:

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I may at first until you see what he can do and if he may help more than someone else. I keep dups and maybe trips of some characters.

I will make a decision on everything later on, right now they aren’t hindering anything being there.

He looks good enough to me that I would hang onto all three of him with alliance wars in mind for longer term planning. Space for extra good heroes is cheap, summoning those good heroes to begin with often requires a lot of good luck or cash.


I took again Ameonna for a new test drive. As some of you already know, any spells cast before & during her becoming a ghost is removed or cannot work during that time. But when using Red Hood & Delilah’s minion ability, she can keep it when turning into a ghost! She also can get new minions during that time as well.


You have to wonder why the AI fires at ghosts. No player would.

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