Who to use materials on!?



So, right now my limiting factor is gloves. I just got another pair, so it’s time to take another hero up!
Here is a picture of what I’m working with to offer the most clarity.

The one pair of gloves mean I can now take up Kiril, Sabina or Skittle. I have the materials for any of those.
As you can see, I’ve been working on Lianna, Magni and Cyprian in the meantime .
My question is, should i use the materials on Kiril right now, or just save them for Magni who is almost ready for them?
I think my skittle and Sabina are fine where they are at right now. I’d rather use my nature materials on Lianna.
Any and all advice is helpful!



You will never regret it.


I strongly urge newer players to build a solid team of 4* before adding 5* heroes. It takes a LOT more food & recruits to train 5*, and for the most part a 5* at 3/70 isn’t as good as a quality 4* at 4/70 (but they’ve used the same rare mats). Two of each color 4* gives you the range for Titan teams where you double the strong color and omit the weak one.

Looking across your deck, I’d think about targeting the following for development (of course plans can and should change if you draw new quality heroes):

Blue: Kiril then Triton. Magni comes before Triton only when you have all the mats you need to take Magni to 4/80 (or maybe are short a cape).

Green: Melendor then finish Skittles. I prefer Little John to Skittles, but since you’ve put so much into Skittles, perhaps finish him up. Lianna is your target 5*.

Red: I’m really torn here. Wilbur is SO good in so many contexts, especially titans, so I think he’s next. Boldtusk would normally get a vote, but you need some attack power, too. Scarlett has a huge attack stat and so is great against titans.

Purple: it looks like you’re working on Cyprian, who I find to be of limited value. Riposte has a place, but it’s a pretty small one. Rigard is a hero you will use for a very long time.

Yellow: Wu Kong and Jackal should be your focus. Seriously, I’d stop work on Chao and shift to Wu, then to Jackal. Wu is transformative to titan hits in any color other than against yellow titans. He can also rescue war battles or raids against all odds. Jackal plus Chao as a one/two punch will be very effective. Both of these heroes get regular use in my deck over many maxed 5* yellows.


Kiril then Sabina.

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First off thank you for the time you put into this reply!

Only because he was my only 4* green for so long! I only got little John and Lianna during the Robin hood event. So I figured i might as well get him all the way to 3/60.

Will do! Kiril has been a life saver. Literally, his brews along with Sabina keep my party alive and have been great in my defense lineup to win against enemy raiders and in my wars. I’ll save Magni for future use.

I see you definitely have a liking for Wilbur, I’ve really only started playing around with him a bit in wars and he has helped me win against parties that were 700 above my cp. He was who i was feeding sporadically while i finished up Gormek. I actually just finished him yesterday with the duplicate 3* i got in my event pull! Definitely did a little dance, but I was already dancing because I was still on the adrenaline rush from having just pulled Zim!

So should i start working on Rigard now or finish up with Cyprian to 3/60 first?

Chao has been good to me though too! I save his attack for just as an opposing hero gets to their special, i take down their mana. But you are probably right. I now know how much work goes into getting a 4 all the way up! It can be a bit frustrating sometimes!
I know that Wu is very loved, especially stacking his abilities with others. I’ll have to start using him with some farming and research the best ways to effectively use him. I’m still kinda meh about him.

Again, thank you!


Just on Wu, he is a massive game changer on titans. I have him maxed and in a very mature alliance am managing top 10 finishes on Titans pretty much on his back with colour stacking.

If you like the Titan aspect of the game, a fully ascended Wu is fabulous


Rigard over Cyprian, much more useful.


I got Chao fairly early on and I found him invaluable in the role you described. Till I had leveled him, I was terrified of facing any team in raids that had a healer at tank or that had more than one (there were no wars at this time, but it would have counted for them too). I simply couldn’t beat them. That all changed with Chao. Also, he hits pretty hard and even makes a decent tank, and so is well suited for map levels, especially for keeping bosses in check. This works on Titan specials too. Wu is very strong against titans but can be tough to manage in other situations. So I would strongly recommend maxing Chao first and then maxing Wu.


I agree that you should finish Chao, it should stop Cyprian’s training.