Who to use for my defence team help please

What team should i use for defence need help please


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First 4 heroes and Aeron

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Sorry, But we need to agree to disagree. A rainbow team is needed here:

Elkanen / Khagen / Aegir / Leonadis / Quintus

Serious answer @Goofy is that you need to concentrate your levelling on a just a few heroes, rather than many.

You are obviously spoilt for choice. There are players on the forums who will speak from experience, but if I had your heroes, I would aim for one of the following line-ups:

Alasie / GM / Delilah / Guardian Panther / Lianna

Alasie / Lianna / GM / Aeron / Joon

My personal preference is definitely the first. There are at least 3 common denominators, level them first


Bang for immediate buck is:

Gravemaker, Lianna, Guardian Falcon, Rigard, Azlar.

They’ve all had their respective ascension materials spent and you can really punish an attacking team.

and then…

One advice: just start leveling one for each element at a time without spreading your training across all of your heroes.

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Please max some functional 4*s, titan damage will do more for you than a flashy defence ever will.

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