Who to upload first max

Good warriors, I’d like a suggestion, who should I go up first !? SABINA, SONYA, GORMEK, HANSEL OR CHAO. I am on the last rise and which to choose first because rare items are little

They all need different items

What other heroes do you have? What are your priorities in this game? Raids? Titans? Defense? Alliance War? If not considering anything else, out of those 5 I would say Hansel.

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My Order would be: Hansel, Gormek, Sabina, Sonja, Chao

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Really depends on your current team. Do you need to clear enemy buffs? Sabina or Sonya. Probs Sabina. Gormeck is a great way to apply a defense debuff. But honestly, as most folks have already said, Hansel is probably your best bet unless you already have a fully leveled nature hero.

I would wait to level Chao, he’s not the worst but try to get a Wu instead.

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You can take Chao to 3/60 with farmable materials. If Wu shows up, definitely max him first.

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Simple test is ask yourself is there a 4* in the same color as the hero you that you want more. Now, ask yourself why.

In that bunch, Hansel stands out. Another is Sabina. The argument for Sabina is she heals, and only Tibs is a better purple 4 (Rigard is a tie as he also heals so contest is debuff vs dispell).

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The argument for Rigard is that he is the only healer cleanser. While you can get Sabina’s debuff in other heros.

I use Caed and Rigard quite often together and they work super good.

But again noone knows what else he is working with so these are all valid arguments which should give him the ammo to go back and make the best decision for his team.

Answer the question as asked.

My answer gives him opinion ss well as a way to check vs others if he has them.

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