Who to upgrade in what order

Once I finish brynhild, should I finish Kash or what order should I work on them keep in mind I don’t have the mats for 5* final ascension.
Been playing since November

I’m not sure how long you’ve been playing, or the depth of your roster, but if you haven’t already got a Caedmon levelled, I’d work on him. At fast, and a dispeller and a counter to Kashrek.

Although I don’t know Tettukh… Hmmm :thinking:


I agree with @Sarah2 . My first thought was Caedmon for fast dispel and a decent hit still. Second might be Scarlett for A drop and tile damage.

I would in general stop using mats on 5’s until you have maybe 20-25 maxed 4’s. It’ll pay off in the long run.

Congrats on some of those summons. I would love a Brynhild!

Good luck out there.



Agree with the others above to not focus on Kashhrek. I’d be between Cad and Tettukh. Cad is a hero you’ll continue to use throughout the game. But the silence on Tettukh can make the early game much easier. I think you’ve already got enough green healers, especially of the self and nearby type.


Thanks all. That’s what I was thinking so I guess I am starting to get the hang of things. Just wanted to hear others.

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Most important piece of advice I was given when I started, was to join an alliance with knowledgeable players that will help you to avoid the E&P pitfalls - there are many, check out alliance recruitment.

Levelling 5* heros takes a ton of resources and 4* AMs (Ascension Materials) are hard to come by, so instead build up rainbow teams of 3*&4* heros which you will need for events, tournaments and the various trials.


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I don’t know what any of the S4 heroes do, but if one of them is a 3 or 4* with silence absolutely do that on a fairly high priority. Mana control is so big for finishing difficult things when starting yet vanilla mana control means are somewhat pitiful (I will refrain from venting further on that as I have done so repeatedly elsewhere). Silence is more useful than anything Li Xiu, Little John, or Chao offer. That’s not to say don’t use those heroes if that’s what you have though.



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