Who to spend the scopes on, Perseus or Richard?



So it’s taken me about 8 months to collect 6 Farsight Scopes to be able to ascend a 5* Ice/Blue hero to 4th tier. That being said, I don’t want to have regrets on who I use them on. My options are Richard and Perseus (and Thorne, who’s not a worthy option). Now that Perseus has been in play for a while, a lot of players have had the chance to either use him or raid against him.

My current team of 5* that I use for raid defense, and am still leveling:
Sartana @ 4-60
Lianna @ 4-60
Azlar @ 4-55
Musashi @ 4-53
and for the 5th spot:
Perseus @ 3-70 or Grimm @ 4-70
I put them in this order for defense: Perseus, Lianna, Azlar, Mushasi, Sartana
And in the works, waiting on mats:
Alberich @ 3-70
Natalya @ 2-60
Of course, I also have Richard and Thorne, as mentioned earlier, and a good stable of 4*s as well.

I’m looking for feedback on who I should spend the scopes on, Perseus or Richard, without the obvious “Athena is best”, or equally unhelpful “neither, get a different hero” comments ,please. I’m asking for all-around usefulness with an emphasis on raid defense, but offense as well.
Thank you all for your time and insight for any responses given, & have a great day!


Perseus IMO, he is a great choice vs Ares who you’ll meet a lot


Agree. Richard is weak in comparison.


Richard has the highest defense in the game. How is that weak?? I’m just asking…



While you might regret either one later, Perseus will result in less regret. He has fast mana and his anti-heal special can really help on challenge bosses and raids. Richard’s only got a good defense going for him, and that is bypassed by a number of boss specials (Damage over time and -defense debuffs).


Thank you all for your feedback, I do appreciate it! :slightly_smiling_face:


Just an update, I did ascend Perseus. And of course, I got Magni 3 days later from a single epic token. That just figures… :laughing:


Ouch :anguished:

Side question, does Perseus actually block Ares from regenerating health then? I was wondering for a while about that.


Yes he does, but it’s a pain to figure out who to stop from healing, Ares or one of the two heroes beside him. Ares’ attack & critical boost still apply though.
Guinevere is the only healer I haven’t tried him on yet, but he should work on every hero, regardless of who it is.


Why choose if you have Sonya? :wink:


I do have a Sonya, but haven’t leveled her yet, just got her a couple weeks ago! :laughing: