Who to prioritize?

Trying to figure out which of my 4* deserve to be fully leveled and ascended. Input would be appreciated on who is worth taking all the way.

Red - colen, Scarlett, sumitomo. (Already have boldtusk 4/70)

Yellow - li xiu, chao. (Already have joon 3/70 and 4/70 wu)

Blue - Kiril, Sonya, agwe, Valeria. (Already have 4/70 Grimm)

Purple- rigard, proteus, jabbar, ameonna, cyprian. (Already have 3/70 sartana and hel - and unleveled obakan)

Green - melendor, skittles, gaderius, gobbler, Caedmon, kashhrek. (Melendor and skittles both at 3/60)

Great options you have there! I would suggest…

Red: Scarlett- a little squishy but A+ tile damage with fast mana & your best option of the 3 choices

Yellow: Joon for sure then Chao over Li Xiu. Again Chao is fast mana sniper with mana reduction

Blue: Kiril then Sonya

Purple: Rigard then Proteus, of course after You finish Sartana and/or Hel but an argument could be made to do Rigard before either of those. Rigard is one of the best 4* healers and should be on every bench.

Green: Finish Melandor, but leave skittles at 3/60, then Caedmon

You will have a solid bench of Healers, attack buffers, defence reducers, debuffers and snipers. Personally, I don’t like slow mana heros, exception is Alby, Azlar and Insarnia.

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For tanks of every colour Kash, Cyprian and Kiril are worth ascending alongside your Boldtusk.

Rigard for his cleanse is a must.

Melendor has good tile damage when comparing against Caedmon for the debuffers and his 42% heal is ace$.

Get Joon and Sart full and you’ve got great snipers to take you to full 5* status as they’ll pound their opposite weaker colours and RGBs with ferocity.

Red: Scarlett.
Yellow : Chao.
Blue: Sonya (he already have BT)
Purple: Proteus then Jabbar.
Green: Kashrek, Cead then Gobbler.

You’re not a fan of Colen? I know he’s slow mana but the DOT and damage all is nice - at least for raids. He’s also fairly squishy though.

I will start leveling Rigard as I’m waiting on ascension mats for Hel and Sartana.

That was my plan for greens, Skittles is only leveled because he (she?) was my first 4* char and I had nobody better. You wouldn’t level Kash?

@Snowdoggydogg Yes I run into them all often and they are pretty tanky when maxed.

@Jedon Why would you suggest Jabbar? I’ve found him to be rather weak for attacking, he has high hp but I’ve found him to be sub par. Also why Gobbler? His special is so…specialized, only very effective on enemies with minions.

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I smile when I see Colen… double stack blues and he’s dead meat if he’s in the centre. On the flank or corner he just takes all day to get that special up. He’s like Lil John but with a useless special…

Lil John and Liu Xi drive me nuts with their mana drains. If to had face the two them and Proteus in the same line-up I’d just pass on the raid to save me from breaking my phone.

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No I’m not fan of Colen, largely due to his slow mana. I agree with @Snowdoggydogg in raids and War the battle will be almost over before slow heros get to fire…unless you get a great starting board. For Titans you will have to use mana potions to make him effective. That being said he’s a good hero, but only to mid game. My advice was also looking to your long game, not just your needs now.

I wouldn’t focus on specialty heros right now(except Proteus) until you get your staple 4* bench of the heros that you will still use past mid game like BT, Kiril, Rigard, Wu etc… By that time you will have some more 5* heros to strengthen your team and the AM’s for them or be able to finish the ones you have.

Kashrek is a solid tank, but again will only take you mid game. But it looks like you don’t have that yet so he would work before Caedmon, since you would have Melendor and Sonya.

Proteus is way way better than Jabbar, I would definitely finish him after Rigard. Proteus was a must have for me last event in Epic. He shut the bosses down and I killed them before they could even fire. He’s a mini Hel

Red - Scarlett as a secondary, BT will still be your main

Yellow - li xiu, but get Joon up as soon as you have the mats

Blue - Sonya for when you need a dispeller, then Kiril for a secondary healer.

Purple - Proteus until you get the mats for Hel and then push her as high as you can as she is also probably the best tank in your roster.

Green - Get Melendor to 70 and then start on Caedmon

Sand heroes are good tank healers killers.
Jabbar is it.
Gobbler is good for minions thats why.

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