Who to pair Aegir with?

Alright so I’m on a new adventure here.

I just pulled Miki today, and i’m stoked but at the same time a two blue 5* team, means Aegir is no longer going to be my tank. Still determined to try it out though.

So who should i pair Aegir with, Frida or Miki? They’re both at 3/70. And i’m debating between the two.

The rest of my team is or can be (these are all fully ascended already with a few emblems), Queen, Panther, Lianna, MN, Zimi, Marj, Ranvir, Sartana and Evelyn. I’m having some difficulties staying up in the top 100 soo i’m changing some stuff around. (This is most likely because i dont have a Guin tank hahaha jkjk)

Try this:
Mother North - Queen of Hearts - Aegir - Ranvir - Sartana

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Everybody has, no matter which def they will set up.

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