Who To Max

Hi guys

Need help on what 4s to MAX or what 5 to take to 3/70.

Top 5 would be great. I can add who I have maxed already if anyone wants to know.

I have the below items:

6 Tonics and 19 Shields
4 Rings and 7 Blades
5 Darts and 16 Orbs
2 Scopes and 7 Capes
4 Tabards and 2 Trap tools (Purple out of the question as I’ve just maxed Victor)


As for the 5* i have Isarnia 3/70 and i m happy with her in war , Magni is maxed out but i remember him at 3/70 totaly useless very low def will die instant ,Aegir i dont have him so …the rest indint bothered,

4’s worth maxing - Grimm, Tibs, Kiril, Chao, Kash.

5’s - Isarnia and Magni both worth taking all the way, Richard or Aegir worth leveling after them.

Kiril, Grimm
Gormek, Scarlett

5* - Isarnia, Magni, but focus on 4* first as you don’t have the mats to ascend them.

I also have Guardian Falcon if he’s any good. I’m just finishing off Proteus as he’s currently at 4/21

Both Falcon and Proteus are good. You might want to finish Proteus before starting Tib. Falcon can come after Scarlett (you would need a few reds to get the most out of Falcon).

That’s without knowing who you might have already maxed.

This is who I have maxed apart from Isarnia

In that case, Falcon before Gormek,because you already have reds. The rest could be the same.

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Cool thanks for your help

if I may know, how long have you been playing this game? :blush:

I want to guess… May? Was I close.

I’ve been playing since December last year Why’s that? :face_with_monocle:

At 4/21, still a long way to go :).

I know right, he’s as 4/42 now so not much longer. I maxed Victor so now running 3 TC20s and taking my time.

hahahaha … I see your average hero has a maximum level so I want to know how long you play :grin::grin::grin:

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