Who to Max? First time for a 5* blue

I’ve been waiting and waiting for a blue 5* then WHAM! Two in just over a week. I have the scopes. Who do I level? I have Glenda or C Magni. Current D team shown. Drake is forever waiting for darts (one away). TIA

And I have 599 fighter emblems (Magni) and 285 emblems for Glenda

Magni. No contest.
You will need the firepower. Better at this stage of the game to have a sniper that can punch holes in the opponents defence - divide and conquer.

Don’t forget to level his costume also (and Sonya’s costume too if you haven’t already).


Just got her costume and that’s next in line before Magni


Costume Magni without a doubt, he’s a monster.


Magni for sure. Someday when you get more scopes, Glenda will pair well with him.

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Regular Magni would get Scopes ahead of Glenda, but C.Magni just makes it a no-brainer.


Magni first. Glenda looks to me like a good support hero in a blue stack but you need other blues to stack first.

And congrats on Magni and costume. He is the one S1 5* I’m still waiting for.


Another vote for C-Magni in case all the others weren’t convincing. Costume versatility is great going def up or down depending on the opponent. Same with Sonya.

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