Who to max ascend nature wise?

So I have the mats to max ascend Kadelin, Caedmon and Hansel right now.

Or I could wait for Gregorian and max ascend him ASAP and also either caedmon or hansel (will do hansel).

Which route would you take? I’ll be able to max ascend delilah if I can get through the advanced sand event.

I would ascend Hansel for sure. I’d wait to max Kadilen until you see if you get Greg


Hansel now…Gergorion if you get him for sure. Lianna Zeline and Alby are the only other worthwhile greens for 5*. Caedmon is pretty good too. Melendor for healer, possibly kasshrek.

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Thanks for the insight!

In general when you’re looking for advice of this kind it’s helpful to share a few things: Heroes to choose from (you’ve done this), Ascension items available (to help choose between 4/5* hero ascensions), and Other heroes on your top team (to help suggest cooperative specials).

That said, this one’s pretty easy and I agree with everyone here. Hansel is the choice. Only consider Caedmon if you have no fast hitters on your team and already have Gretel or Merlin leveling or maxed.

Kadilen should go on the back burner for sure.

Since the RNG hates me and didn’t give me Greg after 50 tokens and a 10 pull, ive decided to Max ascend caedmon and kadilen.

Filling out 6 teams with Max heroes for AW has become my new top priority. :smiley:

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