Who to Limit Break: Yellow

So, I have a few yellow 5 stars and I am wondering who to limit break.

Edit: Onatel seems to get a lot of votes but she fights against Alfrike for emblems.

  • Joon (not costumed)
  • Uraeus
  • Onatel

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I see a lot of votes for Onatel. Can you please explain?

She is more impactful than Uraeus IMO with the mana steal and needs the extra stat boost more.


Onatel is simply a solid hero, stealing opponents mana is one of the most annoying abilities in the game.

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Onatel all the way, yes she might be Average speed but her hit on 3 is solid and stealing mana is always a good thing. Uraeus is obviously great when facing Minions, but remove the minions and he is an Average speed sniper. Joon is a fast speed sniper, better than Average, but still just a sniper who doesn’t hit like the Dark Lord or Gaillard.

Onatel 100%, or Uraeus if you need some minion help and have no other heroes that punish minion usage.

Onatel is a pain when she fires. The longer she lives, the longer she is a pain. So more health and more defense helps a lot. Uraeus LB mostly just adds more damage to one target, but doesn’t really change him

I have made an edit. Onetel seems to be a fan favorite but she fights with Alfrike for emblems.