Who to levelup from my first 10X Summon?

Okay I’ve been playing for 206 days and finally saved enough gems for my first 10X summon (Plus a few extra from other players in the alliance that bought the 300 gem give 30 gem deal which I did too.)

I needed a 4 star Holy(Yellow) hero, to replace Bane on my defense team (Def: Cyprian,Bane,Boril,Melender,Gormek) I didn’t have yellow 4star.

So I did the Holy elemental summon hoping to get a 4star and hit pay dirt!

I got a Leonidas, Wu Kong and two Hu Tao’s plus on the bonus draw I got Seshat!

Which of these holys should I level up first?

I have 14 holy trainer heros plus the duplicate 3stars to feed it with to start with.

My First 10X Summon


Sounds like you might be F2P or C2P…

Wu Kong is who I would suggest working on first. He is your game-changing ticket to start getting potentially large Titan Damage, Offensive Raids, Raid Tourneys, and Wars. His potential to miss makes him less viable on Defense (since the A.I. is doing the controlling). What these improved offenses can translate to potentially better loot, rewards (ascension materials), etc.

For defense, Hu Tao is a bit lackluster because of his stats and slow charge on special, he is more of a niche hero relegated to being useful on raid tourneys that has Super Fast Mana Charge as the rule. Leonidas is a long term project (5* can take a long time to level if you don’t already have a lot of feeders to power level him), and if you did not have anyone else and must have a Yellow on defense, he would be it. Otherwise, for classic 4* Yellows, if you can somehow draw a Li Xiu or Chao, they would be better suited on your defense than Wu Kong and Hu Tao.


Wow, nice haul for your first 10x summons! Congrats!

I agree with @Shohoku79 's assessment of the situation.


Yes I’ve been F2P (buying in game stuff is like throwing money down a hole) until just recently when they had the buy 300 give 30 gems deal, most of my alliance did it and I was getting all these gems and being the leader I didn’t want just take them and not give any. So I had a $10 google play gift card someone had gave me as a gift so I did that deal and the atlantis 400 gem deal to use it and it put me over on gems. So now back to F2P.

Okay Wu Kong I’ve seen it mentioned alot, so I thought maybe him but wasn’t sure. Okay Larger damage sounds good! I never get a lot damage points (compared to others)

I should be able get a lot of feeders, I keep grinding and got my TC leveled up to 20 and have been using the “Extra fast” to levelup my other guys.

Yep Wu made incredible things happen for me… for feeders take advantage of Atlantis Rising right now! Season 2, 1-9 is incredible for Backpack farming for TC 2 trainers.


One tip, spread your riposte heroes to protect the whole team, since these are your options for now.
If you’re gonna level wukong now I recommend:

Melendor - Boril - Gormek - Cyprian - Wukong


If I see that defense mentioned by Luiz I would reroll.


Thanks I already had my defence like this:
Bane - Cyprian - Gormek - Boril - Melendor

So you think Melender should be first?



That’s a nice setup @phrozEnLITE!! I believe you are well on your way to a really good time in E&P. Glad to have you aboard!!


Thanks for the tip, But since I have one TC at level 20 I need more “Rugged Clothes” to use the “Extra Fast” I have only about 1400 (I’ve just been grinding on farming for months to try and level up every thing.) and I’ve been using a bunch to power level my defense team. So haven’t got too far on Season 2.

A follow up question, I’ve been saving most all of my Emblems. Should I use them on these 4 stars or keep saving them just for 5 stars?

I used some awhile back to pump up my team, but then stopped. I thought I shouldn’t waste them unless I was sure of the best place to put them.

@phrozEnLITE, you NEED to be farming Season 2 NOW during Atlantis Rising. Reduced WE costs, 50% more lot. I just added 180 days of feeders to my TC11 since yesterday. Plus I have a glut of farmable AM’s now. I’ll give you a link to Barry Farmz Here who has an awesome spreadsheet covering everything farmable and the best places to get it. But seriously use all your WE in Season 2 until AR is over!!

The good thing is my best farming is in the lower provinces on normal. So don’t worry about having got far. Just DO IT!!!


They seem more worthwhile on my 4*. They basically can bump a 4* up to almost 5* level. Plus it take way too many emblems/food and iron for the 5*. Plus you can always reset the 4* and get most of your emblems back if you decide to invest in the 5* later. Once again this is only my opinion


Okay thanks for the tip on the emblems and I take a look at the guide.

I’ve just been farming mainly season 1 8:7, haven’t looked at season 2 much do to the WE cost.

I have 12 WE flasks saved I guess I should pile on season 2 now.


I’d strongly suggest you give emblems to good 4* heroes instead of saving them for 5* heroes.

Unlike ascension mats, which are forever lost to all other heroes upon using them to ascend one hero, emblems are reusable. You get back 100% with a reset token and 95% if you use gems.

Consider your 4* heroes to be “holding” them for the future 5* heroes, although you may find you want to let them hold on quite a while; I’ve got over 20 maxed 5* heroes and I gave emblems to 4* heroes first. I expect I will reset some of them in a few months but others are singular titan heroes with no 5* replacement.


I agree with maxing wu and then Leo.

Those WE flasks can get you some great loot a possibly some Atlantis pulls. In my opinion there is no better way to use them.

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Been doing Season 6-9 Normal until all my loot ticket are finished.

Unfortunately I can’t do 6-9 on auto… not strong enough yet.

When you mentioned lower provinces on normal, which stage exactly? Maybe I can go and auto-run my team there. My team power is 2,990.

Try Season 2 province 1 level 1

Although I’m after Backpacks and practice swords currently, my stock is depleted. Also large bones and Grimoire dust. I do best on Season 2, province 1 level 2 normal. It also nets you a boatload (literally) of recruits

I say 1/1 because the moth is easier than the stegasaurian but I just stack 2-3 dark heroes and 2 holy and blow it out. I’ve also been using loot tickets, which of you have then you only need to beat the level once then loot ticket your farming. You won’t find a better use for loot tickets that Atlantis Rising


Stego will count towards a mission and there’s not much of a difference.

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If he’s having trouble with season 1 province 6-8 that Stego will one shot him.


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