Who to level


I’m sure this has been debated already. I have 7 Tabards and have Khiona at 3/60 and Victor at 3/50. I use single color teams and currently carry both with my purple team. I also have aeron at 4/76, Sartana at 4/80 and Panther at 4/60. I have another Sartana and Sargasso waiting to move up. I like both victor and Khiona. Leaning towards Khiona but want to hear some opinions. I use this team for titans, raids and war.






Forget Victor! Panther is going to raise your titan score much more! Khiona is also much better, so ii you don’t like Panther level her up. I personally would level Panther to max first.


Sorry, you already have her almost max! :blush::rofl::joy: Level Khiona! :wink:


Will go with Khiona. Victor will be next unless another hero comes along that is better. I missed out on mok-arr. he would have been nice with a single purple team.