Who to level up next in each colour?

I’d really appreciate some advice on who gets ascended next in each colour. I have about 3/4 of each ascension material other than mystic rings, of which I have 13. I have 8 Damascus blades and 13 tomes.

Levelling options:
Khagan Costume
Carry on waiting for a better option

3 telescopes currently. Levelling options:
Lord Loki

I have 2 tonics. Levelling options:
Mother North
Phileas Fogg
G. Chameleon

Option 2 is wait for a better yellow

Levelling options:


Noor, fenrir, jade,bera should be update

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In my honest opinion, first and foremost should be Bera 100%

Bera will very likely be the next purple - good synergy with Freya and a pain on defences.

Very surprised at the other suggestions - Noor, Fenrir and jade were all a way down my list, very interested to see your thoughts why!

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Firstly, what an amazing collection of 5*. You have a great problem to deal with :joy:

Secondly, what are your goals in the game? Wars/Titan/events/tournaments/raids? Then we can get a feel for what level plan you should adopt. I personally love wars and therefore look to have depth for each war type, so seeing an unmaxed Mother North makes me sad etc. You have some of the best hitters already maxed, but again depends on what you want to achieve.

Titans, events and war depth are probably my focus.

I never try to compete in events, and the teams I can put together now get me through regular levels.

I was leaning towards costume khagan, lord Loki, Phileas/MoNo, Akkorog and Bera/lepiota as the next in line unless anyone can convince me otherwise.

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I’d take up Baldur over khag personally, otherwise that’s exactly the list I’d have suggested

Great set of heroes!
Red: Noor does pair good with Freya. She might get a buff soon too. Noor is very good on farming and events. Especially on Ninja Tower.
Baldur is fun to play with too.
Blue: Lord Loki
Green: Phileas Fogg
Purple: Bera!!!
Yellow: watch some videos of him. Then decide
My two cents…

I was only thinking for very fast wars/tournaments, probably normal khagan with the costume bonus.

Baldur could be interesting on a minion team I think?

Yup, he’s a rush monster, so if that’s what you need I’d take him up. I’d considered it, but you have c.Elena and Santa already, thought c.khag would just be greedy :wink:

You are probably right, it is a little greedy!

My main red team is usually Mariana, Tyr, boldtusk +18, C Elena and zimkitha.

Thinking costume khagan could synergise well with Santa, Wilbur and anzogh as a second red team

Forgot to ask if your alliance uses an particular colour tank?

Anyway, let’s forget defence setup for now.

Reuben for speed - offence
Khagan for hit - fast wars

Lord Loki - Versatility
Fenrir - Best Finisher in a stack (try him with kage :smiley:)

MN - what I would give for her… :pray:
Phil Fog is you ElDefDown


Because is great on def but not a 1st choice offence
Lepiota is :+1:
C Dom is underrated and with mana troops firing fast is great

That my opinion for what it’s worth :smiley:

Thanks, appreciate the advice.

We run purple or green tanks, so I use telluria or ursena for wars.

I feel like for the red option I could go for khagan/baldur/Noor/reuben and all would be a similar quality.

For Blue I think Loki is definitely the best option.

I think you are right that I should wait for a better yellow.

Green is my hardest decision. If I didn’t already have Alberich levelled I’d do Mother North immediately. Phileas would be an upgrade on Almur+18 for titans, but I have a lot of other green snipers in Lianna, Greg and hatter.

Bera and lepiota are pretty 50/50, and very different heroes, so a very tough choice.
Costume domitia would be up there as an option if I didn’t have seshat

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So I don’t have Bera, but I know she’s a pain to face in raids. I do have Lepiota at 3/70, and she’s awesome. I used her during the last Ninja Tower and started using her around L35. I had a blast dropping ghosting ninjas before they could fire, then charging her and doing it again. On a couple levels I had all three ninjas in ghost while building everyone up to fire as they came out. Right after that I got those darn curse stones in a way that I couldn’t eliminate them so she got cursed. I’ll be leveling her as soon as I can :grin:

Whichever one you choose (Bera or Lepiota), she will be awesome for you.

Looks like Khagan is getting a stat buff soon and Noor a (terrible) buff to minions, if that tips the balance.

Just to emphasise how good/enjoyable I find Lord Loki…he is on every raid team I use. The guy has the best offense, especially with lvl23 mana troop which makes him fast everything
Green tank with an Alfrike flank? Bring out the blue squad! And don’t get me started on rush wars/tourneys.
Plus he feeds off powercreep

Fogg is awesome. As you say, better ele dd than almur and superior sniper, filling multiple roles and potentially freeing up emblems from those multiple heroes whom he would replace

This is the second post I have read today about buffs to Khagan and Justice.
Have I missed an announcement about balancing etc?

It was announced yesterday that some updates are in beta - thread is here:

Yeah, it’s part of the Beta Beat posts, prepare yourself for a ton of negativity before you approach…!
Edit: @Cbr did the thing :slight_smile:

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Mother North

Not sure about the yellow hero

My opinion is based on using or facing them.

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