Who to level up newbie question

I have been lurking the forums for a while and was curious who I should focus on leveling next. I am currently working on getting Kiril, Wu, and Cyprian to 4/60 while feeding any green and red to Boldtusk and Melendor. I did a few elemental pulls and a seasonal pull and got extremely lucky pulling two Zimkitha, Vlad, and a Victor along with a nice variety of other blue and green 4*. I know I should be getting a good cast of 3* maxed too, but once i get the ones I’m currently working on, where should I shift my focus? Below are the rest of my current roster, less the feeders I am holding.

All suggestions are appreciated.

Hopefully someone will do a comprehensive run down.

Just a few suggestions.

  • Unless you are drowning in trap tools, save them for Vlad or, in my opinion, Rigard. He’s a fantastic all rounder and match winner.

  • unless you spend a fortune, you’ve got a few months work there so don’t throw too much at new summons

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Thank you for your response Jonah.

I got most of the heroes I was hoping to pull, I don’t plan on more summons until the next event other than the Atlantis summon where I will use my Atlantis coins.

I actually do have a fair amount of trap tools somehow, but I don’t plan on spending much other than special offers with good value.

Do not ascend anyone until you have finished summonses. Event is very soon. When you look over what you have, make a short term decision remembering there will be long term implications.

5s can show you where your future may lie, but 4 are your foundation. Kiril and Wu are cornerstones. Many will say BT, but third at best.

Let’s make a ‘‘comprehensive run down’’. :wink:

I have been focussing myself on building a versatile bench of 4* heroes after my bench of 3* heroes was ‘‘complete’’. I don’t think it’s necessary to have such a 3* hero bench, but I would strongly recommend you to do so with 4* heroes. Unless your 5* heroes are key heroes and game changing, you can make your life easier with 4* heroes regarding the amount of rare ascension materials spent and earned.

In all honesty I would leave Cyprian at 3/60 and bring Tiburtus to 4/70 instead. His special skill will be a greater asset to your current team in any part of the game, where Cyprian will only be useful occasionally.

After Tibs, I would recommend you to work on Rigard for the reasons @JonahTheBard gave you. I think he meant ‘‘Victor’’ instead of “Vlad”, because Vlad does not require Trap Tools to level up of course. Victor clearly is a nice hero, but I would rather level up Rigard first. Just as Tibs, Rigard is of more use in any situation.

You’re on the right path. Chao next.

Boldtusk indeed. After that, it depends, I guess. According to my own principles I would go for Gormek after that. He’s a red Tiburtus, but more tanky, so review the explanation above. Zimkitha her special is useful, but Boldtusk his attack boost is stronger. Also, Rigard will remove status ailments of your allies as well. I do have Colen and Kelile myself and still use them, but Gormek his special is more useful.

My 4* order would be: Boldtusk - Gormek - Kelile - Colen

Kiril indeed. Based on my suggestions you would have Tiburtus and Gormek soon in order to decrease the defense of your opponents. Grimm is the third with that ability, but since Sonya is already at 3/60 I would finish her first after Kiril.

My order: Kiril - Sonya - Grimm - Boril

Melendor indeed, but with Kiril/Boldtusk and soon Rigard a case could be made for Caedmon. Anyway I would also favor Melendor first, so that you will have a hero who dispels buffs from your opponent. As you lack hitters, Caedmon would be my next choice.

Kashrek is a great 4* tank. But, to me, that’s it. Since you already have BT, Kiril, Melendor and Rigard there’s no need for his healing ability. He would be the last one I would choose to level up, also if you happen to receive another 4* or 5* green hero.

My order: Melendor - Caedmon - Kashrek

As for your 5* heroes, I do not believe that any of the ones in your possession will change your game significantly regarding their special skills. Your 4* heroes will do the same job, where some of them do so combined.

Victor can however be a great choice, but I’d recommend you to read other threads about him.

3* heroes I would use to finish the rare events: Balthazar, Berden, Brienne(maybe), Nashgar, Azar, Tyrum, Valen, Kailani(maybe, last levels), Bane, Belith and Hawkmoon.

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You must have spent a large amount of money in your pulls, great heroes in ur roster. Nice


And thank you @TomV93. Comprehensively comprehensive

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I really, really like Wu Kong. I would build a team around him- Wu Kong, Rigard, Melendor, Gormek, Sonya

You are already leveling Wu Kong, Melendor and Sonya.

Rigard has one of the best heals in the game ( 42% all allies ) and the only 4* cleanse. I have one at 4* 4.70 and bringing up one to 4* 3.60 for war.

Gormek is part of the Ramming Pulverizer trio ( see notes ). Grimm has a better attack stat, and Boltusk is a better tank, but Sonya fills your first rainbow team blue hero slot, and Boldtusk’s heal is smaller than Rigard or Melendor. Boldtusk’s special doesn’t last as long a Ramming Pulverizer.

Sonya ( you are already leveling ) has a higher defense and HP than Caedmon, the other Piercing Strike sniper. It is useful to have a fast mana speed hero to balance the average mana speed heroes on the rest of the team. Grimm would be useful, but Gormek already fills your first rainbow team Ramming Pulverizer slot.

Wu Kong 4* 4.70 with two healers ( and one Ramming Pulverizer ) can take you all the way through Season 1, current Season 2 normal, all rare quests, all seasonal events up to 3* ascension items.

You could swap Gormek for Kelile and Grimm for Sonya in the above recommendation. I find Kelile’s DOT to be less useful than Sonya’s debuff all enemies.

Personally I would level up a rainbow 3* 3.50 hero team and a 4* 3.60 hero team first, since you can use double colors.

I have the following leveled which would make you a good rainbow 3* 3.50 team:

Belith ( medium heal all allies, several for double color 3* and war )
Valen ( sniper with defense debuff, several for war )
Hawkmoon ( medium heal all allies, several for double color 3* and war )
Bane ( sniper with blind, three for war )
Tyrum/ Balthazar ( sniper with debuff all enemies/ sniper with high special skill damage, several for war )



Just a newbie thought but I found several spread sheet some even on wiki that breakdown all of the qualities and max capabilities of all hero. Or maybe I missed the point.

I’d put the 5* aside until you have all of the necessary mats to ascend them, or at least until you’re close (so at least 4 of the 4* mats). I agree with the majority above, a solid 4* team is a great place to start. They’re strong enough to complete rare quests and challenge events when leveled, and that’s where you will find guaranteed mats. Start 3* after you have a solid few teams of 4* built, for the beginner tier in challenge events and for variety and war.

Purple: Tiburtus first for titans and events, then Rigard for that cleanse and heal, Cyprian last. (4*) Victor when you’re close to having all of the necessary mats. (5*) Balthazar, Tyrum, then maybe Vlad (3*)

Yellow: Wu Kong no doubt- amazing for titans and events, then either Li Xiu or Chao for the mana control on all (Li) or one (Chao) (4*). Leonidas is okay but I wouldn’t spend mats on him unless he’s your only option, but even then I’d maybe hold out for a better yellow (5*). Keep Bane, then Gan Ju and Kailani if you want spirit link (3*).

Red: Boldtusk, his buff is awesome and his heal is a bonus, then Gormek for titans, then back to Colen to finish him, then Kelile (4*). Zimkitha might be someone you want to level right away just because she’s the best cleanser in the game, especially if you don’t plan on working on Rigard for a bit. She won’t be super useful at 2/60, but her cleanse will be. Khagan would be last, not too great so I’d be sure about him before spending mats on him (5*). Hawkmoon, Nashgar, Azar (3*).

Blue: Sonya since you’ve already started and it’s good to have a dispeller, then Kiril since he’s close and has a nice heal and dragon banner, then get Grimm up there since he’s the best pulverizer. Boril last (4*). Valen, Ulmer, then maybe Gunnar to have another spirit link, or else Karil (3*).

Green: Caedmon since you’re already almost done, then Melendor for that heal, then maybe Kashhrek for your tank (if you’re in desperate need for a tank, maybe prioritize him a little earlier) (4*). Keep Belith and work on Berden and Brienne (3*).

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