Who to level up, Kadilen, Zeline or Melendor

Hello i have 8 sturdy shields and can ascend Melendor to the 4th tier
Or i can ascend Kadilen and Zeline to the 3rd tier, what would you go with?
8 sturdy shield will take my green 5* to the 3rd tier, dont have materias for the 4th tier yet for a 5* though
In doubt if anyone has a strong opinion please help out.

I would do zeline to 3 70 first unless you are in need of a healer and then max melendor. hopefully by the time you do both you will get more sheilds and the rest of the materials to max out zeline.

+1 on that. Ascend Zeline to 3/70. Then if you have 3 or fewer Tonics, ascend Melendor to 4/70.

Thank u guys i will focus on Zeline
I always use a healer, i have Melendor, Rigard and got Vivica a week ago
i have Merlin maxed and Wu Kong has been proving a difference maker so i havent focused on leveling Vivica, but i will as soon as i finish raising Wu and Joon, it should take a while though
But someone has got to be sacrificed in order to have a rainbow team right? Cant have everyone!
Thanks for the advice


No, actually. There is nothing magical about rainbow teams. I’ve seen highly effective raid offense and defense teams that are unbalanced. And Titan teams should almost always be unbalanced.

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