Who to level up 1st?

Cyprian or Tiburtus?


Boldtusk or Gormek?

Tiburtus. Boldtusk.

20 characters.


Tibs and Boldylocks - both excellent heroes. Cyp and Gormek are worth leveling also, but since you have the former two heroes work on them first.

Without knowing the rest of your bench, I’m going to say Tiburtus and Boldtusk. To be honest though, I don’t think there’s ever been a case where I would suggest Cyprian over Tibs, or Gormek over BT, so I doubt I even need to see your bench.

BT buff and heal are amazing, and Tibs is a much better pulverizer than Gormek. However, I would eventually ascend Gormek if you don’t pull Wilbur, since it is nice to have a pulverizer in every color available for Titans and events. BT comes first though, everytime.


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