Who to level....(no "must level" heroes pending)

Well, the powers that be that control the pull results weren’t on my side… a 10 pull from Costume Chamber and 14 pulls from TC20 resulted in one 5* (a duplicate Isarnia - Original already maxed with emblems), and those pulls are taking up my roster space (one open slot, down from the 25 slots I had before the pulls)… so who of the following should I give that higher priced 3*/4* food too?

Mack - Currently 4/43
Gafar - Currently 1/25
Elkanen - Currently 1/21 (can only take to 3/70 - no tonics, no costume)

2nd Kadi - Currently 1/1 (can only take to 3/70 - no tonics, have costume)
2nd Telluria- Currently 1/1 (can only take to 3/70 - no tonics)
2nd Proteus - Currently 3/51
2nd Tettukh - Currently 1/1

I’d consider Mack. Gafar is fast mana, but not particularly helpful.

Honestly of those I’d do a second Proteus or Tettukh. Mana control is priceless.



Thanks… that probably is the best idea, especially since Mack is close to being maxed… then probably Proteus as he’s closer than Tett for levelling…

Doesn’t matter how close they are, just if they are useful and you have the needed MATs.

Best of luck pal!

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