Who to level next

I am currently working on leveling Ares (4-55) and am looking for thoughts on which red 4* to do next.

Guardian Falcon

I think Boldtusk and Ares serve pretty much the same purpose so I have pretty much eliminated him. I haven’t seen many posts as to wether GF is worth the time and materials. I’m a c2p player and have gotten lucky with my pulls as I’ve only been playing around 6 months.

The rest at being leveled as

Buddy then Mama North
Wu then Onatel
Proteus then take Obakan to 3-70
Just finished Sonya so going to finish Gato then probably do Valen unless I pull a good 4* in the next few weeks (sitting on 400 atlantis tokens and 3 epic hero tokens) so hoping the force is with me.

Any advice or apparent flaw in my plans would be greatly appreciated.

So your only options are: Boldtusk, Kelile, or Guardian Falcon?

Clearly, Guardian Falcon then. He offers something wholly unique in increasing dmg taken from red. All ice titans will cower in fear at mention of your name.

For ice… there’s only one hero that I’m uncertain of, that’s Valeria. I feel like she should probably be higher priority than Valen or Gato… being a 4*, she should automatically be of greater value than any 3*, no?

The only reason I was going to do Valen is to give a little depth for wars and he can be done quickly. I guess Valeria would give depth as well but was hoping for a better blue hero in a cpl days when atlantis returns. I’ve already wasted materials on lesser heros, Agwie for example was my first 4* I got and rushed to level him even though he is not that good. Gato only needs 10 more levels so I’m finishing him up.

Falcon is absolutely worth ascending. He destroys blue titans. Plus, he is pretty resilient with his high defense/health. I wish I had him.

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Elemental defense debuffers are some of the most sought after heroes in game, Guardian Falcon is one of them, definitely worth the materials.

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GF is also a stone cold Kashh killer in red stacks. It’s fun firing his debuff and then melting the front line down.

Definitely go with Falcon next. Afterwards I’d go with Kelile before BT since BT is so similar to Ares. Obviously pulling anther red hero could change that decision.

Level up guardian falcon AKA shredder

Yes. My falcon is only at 3/60 but i pull him everytime a green titan pops up!

Go falcon… Ares is similar to BT and even better than BT. Kelile is not the greatest.

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