Who to level for defense

I have two maxed 5 stars, Kunchen and Lianna. I have enough mats to ascend any color 5 star but only 3 tomes. Out of the following heros who would you pick for the best defense team?

Blue: Vela and Thorne at 70, King Aurthur just started and Isnarnia unleveled.
Green: Kadilen and Horghall at 70.
red: Grazul, Kagan, and Marjana at 70.
Yelllow: Gaurdian Gazelle, Vivica and Leonidas at 70, just pulled a Joon.
Purple: Sartana at 70.

Was leaning toward Leonidas, Marjana and vela for a Lianna/Vela/Kunchen/Leonidas/Marjana team. Wondering if might want Vivica or Grazul as a second heal. Thought Grazul might work well with a fast heal paired with Kunchens slow one. Also thinking I’d rather have joon that leo, but not sure i want to wait to level him.
edit: Another thought, is Gaudian Gazelle worth ascending to replace wukong on titans/attack even If I wouldn’t use her for def?

I would proably try making a Rainbow squad… Seeing as you already got Kunchen & Lianna Maxed, I would do a Red, a Yellow and a Blue.

Personally would probably do Marjana. Get her attacking & dodging in the wing on your defence team.
Grazul’s main draw is her special skill block which will still function in raids etc… at 3-70. Khagan ain’t great so would avoid doing him until you got no other options.

I probably would go for Vela. She is really versatile & is druid class which is difficult to find a good 5* sink for emblems.
Only argument that MAY factor in is King Arthur for titans; Depending on what level titans you are facing, King Arthur can work really well at 3-70.
Issy is good in offence but not great on defence… so would do her probably after King Arthur… Thorne, like khagan, is kind of a last case levelling.

My vote here is Joon… Very much Joon.
I personally wouldn’t do Leonidas as he is a comparably weak sniper (especially compared to your shiny new Joon).
Gazelle is a great titan hero so has a lot of merit there, but like King Arthur, depending on what level you are facing you may be able to get away with her at 3-70
Vivica is a great healer BUT you already got Kunchen maxed out… so the need isn’t as high

Defence Lineup

I would probably recommend running:
Lianna -> Vela -> Kunchen -> Joon -> Marjana

Gazelle & Titans

RE Gazelle & titans vs. wu kong, have a read of this thread:


You definately want Vela in your defense. With Lianna you already have a great green sniper, so green shouldn’t be your priority regarding what you have.

For yellow defense I’d go for Joon. I think he is better than Leo.

If you want a rainbow team I would go for Marjana. Though in general I think Sartana is better. But you already have Kunchen in your defense, so…

I don’t have her, but from I what I read she seems like a great choice for Titans. You’ll find some discussions about her when you search the forum.

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Thanks both of you, sounds like I was on the right track with Vela and Marjana, and need to start leveling that Joon.

Thanks again, a good read.

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