Who to level for below?

Hi guys, need some assistance for some of the 4* and 5*, who to level first for each color

  1. Guardian kong(c) or elizabeth red
  2. Franz, peters, kashrek, melador(c), little john (c)
  3. Boril (c), kiril, xiaohou dun, jott, mireweave
  4. Rigard(c), sabina (c), cyprian, merlin and stonecleave
  5. Wukong, mist, gretel, guardian jackal, scoratek (new S5)


Elizabeth, Franz, rigard c, Guardian jackal.


20 charactersssss

Lizzy, Franz, Kiril, rigard +C and Wu Kong

All without knowing anything about your roster mind you.

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Franz is a beast
Jackal for titans and mono
The blue 3 kingdom

It would be helpful to know if you are asking for offense, defense or all around utility however I agree with @Guvnor mostly exception of swapping mist for wu

Xiohou dun is really good.

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Nice selection of heroes to choose from. In my honest opinion, I would focus on
Kiril and hope you get his costume
Costume Sabina or Costume Rigard
Guardian Jackal then Wu Kong
Whichever heroes you choose good luck

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I’d go for Elizabeth, Franz, Boril, Rigard (C) and either Wu Kong or Mist. I don’t have the jackal but everyone above says he’s good so perhaps go with them :laughing:

Boril without costume is far better in my opinion. Particularly with raid formations, you can use uncostumed Boril to cover all allies with a higher counterattack. In a war defence, you might use the costume but I prefer without.

Franz is an incredible 4*, he’s like a 5* in disguise. The opposition’s immunity to new buffs and all damage they receive is increased by 50% is a game changer. One of my favourite 4*s.

Thanks a lot for all the suggestions guys, really helpful, sorry my forum level wont let me to reply one by one otherwise it takes forever

costume rigard my personal favorite, and costume melendor, you will always use them, mist is a must, i really enjoy her, useful in tournaments and VF wars, xhiaohodun i guess is good, and elizabeth

Liz, Franz, Kiril, C-Rigard and Mist :slightly_smiling_face:

Hiya, you may know this already (and I’m working on the basis that your fairly new to the game - apologies if I’ve miss judged this), but from a timing perspective I recommend concentrating on your 4s first. The 4 suggestions above will take your game play to the next level and much easier to get them levelled!

Can you still do that? I thought they put a stop to it.