Who to Level: Cleric Class

I realize these heroes are not at all the same “category,” but I have no cleric fully leveled, 300 cleric emblems, and have these for my options (as well as Rigard and Mnesseus):

I know a lot depends on my use for the characters, but my main defense is already pretty solid at 4200+ power, Aegir tank. My yellow is Onatel and she is a flank position. I am a believer in rainbow defense teams and am not looking to replace Onatel. So, not sure Vivica is necessary, except for war with health buff or raid tournaments. The only other healer I have almost leveled is Sabina, though I also have Kiril, Rigard, and Melendor. (Side question: of all these healers and debuffers, who should I focus on? Sabina is closest to being leveled.)

Likewise, Elkanen is great, but I have Evelyn on wing and a number of good green heroes, including two Liannas who need leveled.

But Gafar seems like he is a pretty solid 4* and I have very few fully leveled purples in comparison to yellows, or any other color. (Only 5* purple I have is Quintus, but I have Proteus fully leveled and Tiberus, Sabina, Cheshire Cat nearly fully leveled as well.) I haven’t played with him much, but hear good things.

So, my question is: of these choices and with aforementioned considered, who should I focus on leveling and spending my cleric tokens on? I am leaning toward Gafar for offensive purple team against Guin and yellow titans, for example, and for war teams/raid tournaments.

I would really appreciate any thoughts/suggestions!

  1. I think emblemed Rigard could be better than Viv thanks to average mana. And it’s much easier to emblem 4* than 5*.
  2. Elkanen definitely isn’t great. Doesn’t hit hard and his secondary effect isn’t great - he heals only himself. He could be annoying in wars with FA but that’s it.
  3. Gafar is a solid sniper but he’s a bit squishy. He was my very first 4* so I like him although I don’t use him currently except for wars with FA. He’s got very nice tile damage but defense and hp are slightly disappointing.
  4. Boril is great counter to all AoE heroes. They just kill themselves when his buff is active. And he’s really sturdy.

Oh and Agwe. Feed him to Aife. The worst 4* in this game.


LOL, is Agwe that bad? I thought I remember him being rated one of the most powerful 4* blues at one time? I have 2 of him and have had for some time, just no real interest in leveling. Riposte is one of my least favorite specials, so never leveled Boril. Also have Elena, but haven’t leveled her yet. I also had and ate two Cyprians. That said 4* tournaments might be nice to have Boril leveled on defense.

But Rigard does seem like a solid choice…

Sabina, Boril, Vivica

He was very powerful in beta before they released him. He was elemental debuffer i.e. he was lowering enemies defense against blue. It’s a rare and precious skill.
But it was only in beta. They changed him to give defense buff against green to his allies but it sucks. In offense you usually don’t face more than one green hero. In defense it could be useful for a tank but he doesn’t have tanky stats. In theory that effect could be useful against green titan but you don’t take blue heroes against green titan, do you?
And his damage is disappointing.

It it definitely useful. But I encourage everyone to level heroes that fit their playing style. You could give him a try but if you don’t enjoy riposte then no pressure.
Emblemed Boril can be definitely a trouble in tourneys, especially with green heroes excluded.

Depends what other healers you have. He’s sturdy and average mana and he’s the only 4* cleanser.
Vivica is good but she’s slow. I dislike slow heroes in general, maybe except for tank position where it matters less because they’re charged with tiles. But these days Viv isn’t a competitive tank.

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Sabina is a Sorcerer, not Cleric. And Rigard is better.

yeah but he said Sabina is nearly leveled, so finish that for sure. Boril +1 only and I suppose Rigard… then Vivica… :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally I’d emblem Rigard before Viv. It’s cheaper considering required emblems, food and iron and he’s average.

I wouldn’t be too attached to charts, spreadsheets and rankings. Those are all subjective and it also matters what other heroes do you have to pair with the candidate.

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Then why do you keep her in defense?? Eve is pure offensive hero. You should replace her as soon as possible with Lianna. Eve doesn’t help much in defense due to her damage. She only works great with other green heroes beside. I would understand the players don’t have Lianna or Zeline…

Lots of stupid bufs like this
.frida got one that is never used. Same as anzogh

That is a good observation. I got Eve before Lianna, so started leveling her first. Once she was fully leveled, I just stuck with her, but debated finishing Lianna for defense. Thanks for the suggestion/observation.

Okay, so consensus is level and emblem Rigard and/or Boril for my cleric, get Sabina and Lianna leveled, Lianna for defense to replace Evelyn.

Thank you all for your input!

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Not looking at anything. Definitely has to be Rigard for me.


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