Who to LB1 or LB2 next?

I have enough aethers to LB2 one hero and I could also LB1 a green, purple, and blue…who would you prioritize? I’m leaning to Xandrella for LB2 and torn on the LB1s…what would you recommend?

BTW, I’m working on ascending these 5 now:

And here is my current ascended 5* roster (plus some of my strongest 4* heroes, first three screens sorted by power)

Cardinal Richeleu is the most deadly her, and great in defense.
Xandrella is a great hero, but much more so on offense than on defense, and she doesnt really need the LB2. Its not her damage, its the special that is good.

Of the others I would consider LB1 for Lord Loki due to him being great fun and highly versatile, but slightly squishy with todays stats, and Willow as she has such great utility
I would also LB1 and LB2 Waddles, as he is my favorite 4* hero of them all

Game well!