Who to focus on?

I have 3 5* heroes, and my typical lineup will run two of the 3, all of which are 3/70 - Kunchen and Vivica in flank, with Boril in tank. On wings I will put two hitters, usually one being my other 5* which is Frida (I have Sonya and Hansel maxed).

However I just got Poseidon and Azlar with Anzogh as a bonus on a 30 pull!

So my question is on my red heroes: I have Boldtusk, Gormek and Wilbur all at 3/60, and just got Azlar and Anzogh.
I have 6 rings and enough hidden blades for two right away. Who should I focus on first?

Also I often use Proteus who is 3/60 and have 4 trap tools and 5 tabards, should I wait for a 6th tabard and ascend Kunchen or give the tools to Proteus right now?

Wu Kong is currently at 4/31, should I bother leveling him to full considering Ranvir is coming in June, or just focus on Poseidon?

I have been playing since late Nov and my first 5* was Vivica. I was lucky and got Kunchen as my second 5* and those two have been staples on my team for everything. I have viv, kunchen, poseidon, frida all at 3/70 and enough ascention items to take my first 5* to tier 4.
My question is who should be my leveling priorities?

Have 6 tabards and 7 trap tools. Will get an 8th trap tools at next Morlovia which should be around June 10th. I want to level Kunchen and Proteus both to 4th tier. Who should I do first?

Between Vivica and Poseidon, who gets the darts? Next rare event with darts should be around May 31st which will get me to 6. I use both a lot but the two 5* healers are on ALL my teams. However viv’s ability doesnt get any better, only her stats, but Poseidon hits A LOT harder with more levels. Both could use the extra hp and defense. Who should go to 4th tier?

Margaret and Kadilen both at 1/1, but thats a no brainer to level Margaret over kad.

Azlar at 3/1 and Anzog at 1/1. I will of course continue to level Azlar to at least 3/70, but did I make the right decision in putting levels in him over anzog first?

Wilbur, proteus, Wukong… GET THEM MAXED ASAP. They’re really helpful
You should begin with Wilbur (all purpose except def, god when raiding and hitting titans) then Wukong (all purpose, god against titans), then Proteus (attack on raids, def also posdible).
Also consider lvl up BT. (All purpose)
if you already have a maxed or good healer or not enough blues Triton is also a good option

Wilbur>wukong> Proteus> BT/Triton.
Theses 4* are really good
Wilbur is even stronger than the majority of 5*

Vivica vs poseidon: poseidon, Wilbur already provide a heavy def buff.
Then that means Vivica is only to cleanse and heal. You also have Kunchen.


thanks Jgmc2
I did max out Wilbur, and just finished maxing BT. I have Triton sitting at 2/1 and will eventually level him up.
Proteus is amazing but squishy, so I am torn between him and kunchen for now, however since I know I will have enough ascension items for both in the next few weeks I will first level Proteus as you recommended.
I tend to agree with Poseidon over Viv, but it feels crazy leveling hitters over both 5* healers since they are both always on all my teams.

There is no guarantee you get Ranvir. I would max Wu Kong.

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