Who to emblem? Kelile or Scarlett

Basically that, I maxed both Kelile and Scarlett and now I’m not sure on which one to give the emblems. I already have a Marjana with many emblems, and no other significant heroes from same class.


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Scarlett is fabulous, even more so with emblems.

Kelile is underwhelming, so have never tried her with emblems.

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Kelile is awesome. She is a mini marjana and very useful to kill enemies quickly and helpful on 4* tournament or anything that requires fast action hero. Her burn also a guarantee killing stubborn enemy.

Meanwhile scralett eventhough she can attack on 3 but never kill anyone.


Its the atk down debuff and high tile damage that make Scarlett a gem for me, excellent for titans and attack teams (esp against teams that have atk up buffers in them)

There are alot of red heroes with burn (which overwrite each other) and kelile’s base attack stat is a lot lower. She isn’t a terrible hero, but compared to Scarlett she is distinctly underwhelming to me as an experienced player with all the S1 4* heroes maxed.

I use Scarlett daily, I never use kelile



Depends on your roster.


This discussion might help you decide.

(Kelile emblems?)

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I would do Scarlett hands down. I personally have maxed 2 Scarlett’s, one is +20. Fully emblemed, I believe she has the highest attack stat of any 4* in the game (Very closely behind is Jackal).

Honestly, I never even maxed Kelile. She was always underwhelming for me, both when I had her at 3x60, and when I faced her on defenses.


I faced a very similar decision recently, and I decided Scarlett was the best option. As others have said, Marjana does what Kelile does better, although there are places Kelile can go that Marjana can’t, admittedly. Once you have a deep enough bench, a “jill-of-all-trades-but-master-of-none” like Kelile has a hard time finding a place. She was a valuable member of my roster for a long time, but no longer sees much action.

Scarlett is absolutely made of glass, but her already high attack can be boosted a whopping 9 times (!) in the rogue tree, making her a tile damage nightmare. And you get that perk even if she dies. For me, that made her the right choice. I can always bring her against green titans and get some return on my investment. Even with emblems, I can’t see Kelile getting more than spot duty anywhere. Good luck with your decision.


I have been emblemming and using both:

Scarlett hits HARD yet dies at the drop of a hat. Kelile is more sturdy, yet doesn’t do nearly the damage that Scarlett does. (I checked, Scarlett is on a mixed sword/shield path, Kelile is on shield…I will prolly reset her.)


I think this is a bit of an inflated comparison. Marjana is a pretty tanky sniper. While Kelile does similar snipe with burn DoT, she is pretty squishy. I would say Kelile and Scarlett are pretty much similarly squishy but Scarlett has significantly higher tile damage.

Kelile’s snipe is also not a 1-shot usually. I think Scarlett has more utility and pairs well with G.Falcon. The combo is essential to Epic mode on Challenge events, especially with Wilbur.

@Soiden If you decide to emblem either Kelile or Scarlett, think about how that would benefit your gameplay and where you would use them. I personally would give Marjana more emblems (at least to +18) before I think about 4*'s but that’s just my play-style. I would also personally emblem Scarlett over Kelile if I were to choose a 4* rogue since Scarlett is essential to my Epic mode challenge event team, green titan team, and tournament teams. Extra attack on Scarlett helps a lot for getting high scores in Challenge events.

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She’s on my anti-telluria squad (along with c-Boldtusk and Elena). Her being one of the 4*s with the highest attack stat (behind c-Skittleskulls, Ameona, and Guardian Jackal), makes her great for tile damage. I originally had emblems on Kelile, but found that she didn’t give enough tile damage and was still squishy. With this Scarlett, I took the attack route the whole way.

I can’t wait for her costume so that I can get the defense boost. She needs it. hahaha


This is the only time in the game that I’ve ever used a reset emblem. I had emblemed Kelile over Scarlett because she is more sturdy. But she didn’t exactly last that much longer. However, Scarletts tile damage stays even after she is dead. I switched around the emblems to see if it worked better, and it did. Poor Kelile has been benched ever since.


I had the same situation few weeks ago, and my answer was Kelile (because I don’t have Marjana).

The point is that ok, I like the attack debuff of Scarlett, and her tile damage is good enough even if not fully emblemed. On the other hand Kelile gains some more of DoT if emblemed with attack path. I’m using her basically on wars and not in the same team as Azlar, so doesn’t stack with other burn damage.

I’m pretty happy about the situation, I have a Kelile+18 and a Scarlett +6 now (saved lots of them during my playtime). On titans they both hit hard and they are useful at wars, so I’m not regretting the choiche: I like snipers (especially with other offensive actions like Joon’s blindness), I used them a lot and till I won’t find Marjana, Kelile will be the red sniper that Scarlett can’t just be.


l love my Scarlett, i stripped out my kelile to emblem Scarlett. Even with emblems my Kelile always was falling down in pos of using other reds like Falcon, lancelot, bolstusk . So no regrets. On the other hand my Scarlett has a huge attk stat which melts through moobs and shines in a stack or against a green titan

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I think the answer is Scarlett as well. I say Scarlett primarily because you already have Marjana maxed with emblems. If you didn’t more roster info would be pertinent. The reason I wanted to chime in still is that Kelile gets a bad rep that I think is somewhat unfair.

I have a Scarlett and Kelile both emblemed to +18. I use both all the time. As someone mentioned above, Kelile has value as a red, fast mana sniper. I have been playing 3 years as a F2P player. If you don’t get Marjana from TC20 your shot at a specific special event or S2 or 3 red sniping hero is very slim. I therefore still needed Kelile, boosted her to +18 attack path and she holds her own as my mini Marjana. :+1:

Also, I would recommend to go full attack path with emblems. They might survive a little better with emblem boost, but they’re starting so low it doesn’t make as much of an impact. Let rogue evade be their defense. Boosting the A value gives you max tile damage regardless of if they’re living or not too. :+1:

I think it’s important to keep in mind that yes, there is usually a specific hero that can do one aspect better than the heroes you have. There is also always a specific hero that counters another specific hero. That doesn’t mean since the hero you have isn’t the best at a certain aspect or if an enemy teams hero gets used by AI right you’re life gets harder for the next few minutes that your heroes are junk. Lots of heroes can be versatile and very serviceable at multiple things. Kelile fits this. She can be an effective red sniper, especially when emblemed.

:beers:, good luck out there :crossed_fingers:


Wrong. Against nature titans, Scarlett is heads above shoulders than most fire heroes due to her insane attack stat for an epic hero. Everybody knows that damage from skills has little impact against titans as what matters the most is the attack stat of the hero. The burn from Kelile is just a very minute contribution to you overall titan score while Scarlett reduces the attack damage done by the titan.

I have maxed 2 Scarletts and only 1 Kelile (since maxing her, I haven’t used her in any event). Investment wise, you’ll use Scarlett in the long run than Kelile. If it was possible, I’d rather max a third Scarlett than max a first Kelile, who you’ll find her utility and usability less and less.

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I agree. But you tend to forget that Scarlett is also a fast mana generating hero. Again, Scarlett’s attack debuff to enemy affects the target and nearby, whereas Kelile’s burn only applies to the single target. Titan-wise, a player should bring with him/her heroes that have high attack stat. Scarlett provides that. Kelile does not. As mentioned by others, they are benching their Keliles. So did I.

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The issue here is which hero has more usability worthy of emblems: Scarlett or Kelile?

Checking on the previous posts, those in favor of Scarlett are:

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Those who favor Kelile over Scarlett are:

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So, there are more posters here who prefer Scarlett over Kelile.

@Slobix The problem with your argument is that you are dishing out suggestion and yet you do not even have a Scarlett to compare the two heroes objectively. Your bias in favor of Kelile is obvious and does not deserve any merit.

@Soiden The writing is on the wall. Up to you who to use emblems for. Good luck.


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Like @Rook noted, I’d go with Scarlett, she is is squishy but does awful damage!

Believe me kelile is the best. Believe me… believe me you all… :pray::pray::pray::pray:

Go with kelile and feed scarlett to dawa, scarlett is yummy2 food

Still, that doesn’t bolster your argument on why Kelile is better to emblem than Scarlett. Your basis is your lone experience with Kelile, lacking the experience playing with Scarlett.

This is just stressing the point that I find more value with Scarlett than with Kelile. I have 2 maxed Scarletts and only 1 Kelile not because I have more Scarletts obtained and only a single Kelile landed on my lap in my over 2 years of playing this game. I have made several Scarletts and Keliles fed to other better heroes over the course of time. And yet, when it has come to nature titan, I always wanted to have Scarlett as my main tile damager (along with Azlar and I don’t have Elena) accompanying my Wilbur and Falcon.

And where exactly do you find instances where Kelile is far better useful than Scarlett other than single sniping with burn? Even if Kelile edges Scarlett on defense stats but its still the same as both are squishy and yet their rogue class MAY extend their survivability as they have a chance to dodge special skills. Since they may rely on their talent, might as well emblem them all sword path, which would boost damage potency of Scarlett even more. Same principle applies to Guardian Jackal, who is also a rogue.

EDIT: @Slobix Why would I shame you? I was just trying to make an intelligent debate with you.

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