Who to choose next

Yang mai
Puss in boots
Queen of hearts
Grave maker
Who of the above is a good choice
I have Ares, Jeff Jon, Elizabeth, Azlar/c, Black Knight, Tyr Zimkitha and Elena levelled…

Gravemaker is not the world beater he once was, but if you pair him w/ Zimkitha, you get undispellable 5% atk & def and 4% healing for 6 turns for a whole team from their element links.

Baldur is imho underrated.
Noor has a home in the minion meta. Same for PiB
Khagan w/costume bonus is not bad.

Zagrog hit 3 w/ bypass of def buffs hits really hard.

Tahir and yang mai arent better then the snipers you have, but could build war depth.

Zim would be my choice based on your red roster, but you’ve got options.

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You have the new shiny Baldur costume, he should be levelled first - average sniper with very strong secondary/tertiary skills
Then Tahir.

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Gravemaker still good, LB and emblemed make him can do quick 500ish damage to 3 enemies at very fast speed.

He also will open a quick way for tahir to do 500% damage if both paired together