Who to choose from Fated Summon(03.2024): Fellow player guide

If that’s confirmed, seems like i’ll finally be able to have a reviver hero :heart_eyes:
I can usually manage 2 to 3 pick from Fated Summon, so Mother North is no brain my first choice. Second choice would be between Athena and Panther.

I can’t find any valuable reason to keep s1 heroes in this “portal”. Maybe for those who already have their third/toon costume and want a second copy?


Pure :poop:
As always. This is definitely taking the pi$$ now.

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You mean for you … Or in general? I think most would disagree with the latter sentiment.


@Oxide or anyone, can u help me fix these link errors in OP?
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@Oxide you’re a proofreader extraordinare, help me.

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I’m not exactly sure what errors you mean. I’m a little tipsy also, so that might be the reason.


Click the edit button then raw and have a look.

Azlar, Kadilen, Magni, Justice, Obakan


Second choice is Athena.

C. Kestrel

If u already have her, or have another pull, then Santa Claus

Good luck.

If there’s still issues we can look again tomorrow.

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The point is that on the post TV view, it’s showed correctly

But in the final message there is an enter after every link

And that’s why I couldn’t see the issue .
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Costumeless heroes from fated summons are often in dire need of a buff, SGG could think about doing an additional buff patch from one fated summon set to another.

I’m a fresch player and this is my first choise on fated summon.

I need to choise between actually list or wait to another.

I play Ginger, Neema, Tethys, Tiburtus, Kiril (and I also upgrading Griffin, Xnolphod, Lianna c.3). What should I do…

Wait for next list

20 char

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Frida for titans

Happy gaming

Here’s another example…



Help needed please! I’ve been waiting for this next FS to open but now have doubt creeping in that maybe I’m not doing the right thing :frowning: Should I pick from the current offerings, based on who I’ve got? Thank you sooooo much for any help! If you need any other info, please let me know :slight_smile:

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Here u have 3 choices:
-Pick Margaret now
-Pick MN in the new FS
-Pick alby in the new FS
What r u going to do is just ur decision.
I would like to get MN at ur point, but u can have other thoughts.


It’s a good thing I asked then, because I was thinking that Frigg would be helpful now, MN next time :slight_smile: thank you

1 Frigg is only ok at defence only, even with her costume, she still only ok at defence only.

2 current list can choose Frida and Norns, they can provide you a better roster. However, Frida costume is not available and Norns costume makes her better.

3 MN is and still relevant in today game, her costume provides her better revive but heal regeneration is out at today game, however, it’s not a bad idea to keep 2 of her.

3 Guardian Panther is good for titans, and you need LB her for today PvP. Her costume make her another type, you may use G Panther for EDD and costume for damages. She worth to keep both base and costume.

4 Athena is a special hero, I’m levelling her at the moment and i think i will keep her both versions if i got the chance.

I choose Norns already and now waiting to swap MN for the next FS and i believe i could swap Guardian Panther as well.


The OP now include links to heroes also in Polish Verison(rn olny for first 2 lines, rest will be added later)

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So, you would recommend Santa claus over Guardian panther? My first pick will be mother north. I am hesitating between those two because I won’t be able to pick 3 times. PS. It’s ok to hit hard for titans but I don’t really care.

It really depends on ur roster and mats.
How are ur red&purple 5*s?
How many rings&tabards do u have?
It would help to decide