Who to ascend?

I have Kiril, Kashhrek, and Skittle ascended already. I’ve heard BT, but would like some more advice before I decide. This is where all are at- I have the materials.

Definitely Boldtusk! Everyone should have at least one maxed BT in their roster.


Boldtusk for certain. I got lucky enough to get him early on, and I use him almost everywhere except against blue titans, where I use Kiril instead. None of the others are bad choices to raise, but BT definitely should be raised as soon as possible after getting him.


I have a maxed BT who does a lot of heavy lifting but I really think that Kiril covers a lot of the same ground. Yeah, his attack buff isn’t as strong and doesn’t last as long, but he does have that defense buff too, which BT doesn’t have and I think bridges the gap.

So for you, I would actually recommend Gormek. Besides his good looks, his offense is strong and his defense debuff is super useful. And you need a strong offense based on your list—you don’t need another healer. I have Gormek’s spiritual brother Grimm, and he changed my game once I got him leveled. Gormek can do the same for you.

Launcelot would be a reasonable substitute but I think Gormek would work better for you.

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I would ascend in this order, BT, Gormek (if you don’t have Grimm or Tib) then Lancelot

I would do Boldtusk first, that is clear, then Gormek, then Colen or Scarlett (does not matter) and I will forget about Lancelot. His special does not stack up with Boldtusk.

I only have Scarlett I like it.
otherwise bt!!!
and Collen hurts…:astonished::angry:
Kiss :wink:

I’m trying!! He keeps evading me in the summons, d@mn it…lol