Who to ascend: Seshat, Rigard or Cypran?

Hello peeps, newish player here. Been going at this game for 3months, but today after a War chest I find myself with 4 Trap tools (they are my lowest 3* non farmable mat). And I would like to hear out what hero would be better to ascend and why if possible.

My defense team is Belith, Seshat, Cypran, Wu-kong, Rigard

Attack team is Belith, Seshat, Cypran, Kelile, Rigard

Atm, Im not pushing for Cups. I usually stay at 300/600 for fast chest farming in the bronze league.
On Pve so far, Im at Atlantlins P22 and while it felt a little hard, it was really doable with minor items usage. Anyways, I’ll come back to Atlantlis next month hopefully more powerfull.

I do play and give it my all vs Titans (8/9* currently farming: average of 50/60k dmg on 6 energy) and War. My attack points on war are decent, with a finishing off straps enemies strategy. But my defense with 3 purple is always punished and getting killed in 1 flag. Usually the average of my enemies in War is around 3.5k power while mine is 2.8k, so I understand that is inebitable to lose vs them. But I know for a fact that having 3 of the same color in a team is a huge punishable setup. Hell, I myself punish said 3.5k teams when they have 1 hero left by stacking 5 of their counter, and even at 1.5k/2k power lvl I can still beat them.

Emblems, I only have 130’ish for Paladin. So even if I would be able to max Cypran or Rigard, I wouldnt be able to go past the second Talent upgrade (if I remember correclty I can only unlock 2 of the 5%chance for extra blocking).

I’m like years away for a 5* purple final ascension and in my bench I have a Grimm, Atomos, Agwe and Kelile.

Mostly I would like to get away from 3 purple hero usage, thats all my thoughts.

Edit: I was refering to RIGARD, not Richard my bad. I still have problems remembering heroes names :sweat_smile:

I would hold off on your 5*s until you get their materials (6 telescopes and 8 warm capes for Richard, 6 royal tabards and 8 trap tools for Seshat). Bring them up to level 2.60 but park them there.

I would max Cyprian, on offense the AI doesn’t understand how to play around his counterattack. On defense if he’s in the center, he’s tough to play around. Fingers crossed for you that you get Tiburtus (purple equivalent to Grimm) :crossed_fingers:

I would also recommend working on Grimm :slight_smile: Defense down is a very valuable status effect, it makes your damage fly!


I would go cyprian, that dude is Cool to have and a pain to fight! Iv won matches I shouldn’t… just with riposte alone! ok you got to get him charged to be on that plus with a few good people around him I use kershrek n kiril :slight_smile:

Since Richard is blue and doesn’t use Trap Tools at all to ascend, I don’t think he should even be considered.

As someone whose first purple was Cyprian, I can say he does… okay, but he gets outpaced almost immediately by anything else that comes by. He’s situationally useful against all-hit or area defenses (running Grimm, Evelyn, Azlar, etc), but he’s not a general purpose hero. He would be useful at tank, but you mention you hate having the double-purple center, and Richard is a better tank once he gets leveled high enough anyway, so he’s outshined there too.

So having gone through the process of elimination, I’d go with Seshat.

Also Cyprian is a 4* hero, not 5*, so his emblem requirements are much lower. At 130 talents, you could get to node 6 not 2.

Since you are quite new to this, I would strongly recommend upgrading Cyprian.

He is useful for all aspects of the game be it raids/trials/challenges/quests especially when you lack hero depth.

Don’t look at the 5* heroes much unless you have the mats for them. Seshat and Richard are still useful at 3/70.

Grimm would have priority over Richard.
I cant recommend the rest and play with what you have.
Just replace Wu on defense since is absolutely awful there. He is the best 4* for titans though. When fighting stronger opponents, you can always bring Wu for a gamble win.

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Thanks so far for all the input guys, I still have 6 days time before my Training camp finishes the Blue hero training. After that, I’ll focus on purple for the ascension. So Im trying to make this decision worth it while.

Important mistake I made that you have pointed out

I was talking about RIGARD, the purple paladin healer. Sorry for the mistake guys, I still have trouble remembering the heroes name. Very important mistake I belive that mislead all your good intented advice, apologies again.

As for Cyprian, I cant hate the guy. He has been my MVP for sure on Pve he is the only reason I’ve cruised almost to the end of S2. As for Rigard, I really respect the dude, for a healer he is really tanky. And as for Seshat, I really like her minion spawning mechanic I use it more of a personal shield/“auto heal”, which brings her survivality through the roof.

Edit: One more piece of info, I belive Im a month away from TC 20. Im at SH 18 and I’m missing 2 more Iron storage upgrade to get them all 5 at 18. Highest training camp is at 13, so I may be able to start hoping for vanilla 5*. Maybe knowing that I can cook 5* “soon”, makes investing in some 4* heroes less important?.

Ohh, Rigard lol. His class is cleric though.

I would definitely max Rigard before Cyprian in that case.


I’d say Rigard then. He’s a great healer, one of the best of all of them even including 5* (if he gets full emblems of course). You can’t rely on Belith forever, and you have hitters in Grimm and Kelile, so Seshat can wait.

And trust me on this: you’ll outgrow Cyprian. I understand your attachment to the guy; he was the first 4* I ever got and the first 4* purple I ascended, though that was due to a complete lack of other options. When you’re constantly on the back foot facing tougher opponents and stages, he’s incredible, but you won’t be there forever.

He’s not much more different at 4/70 than 3/60 other than his survivability, so he’s perfectly usable as is. But if you’re set on Cyprian, I’d say go for it. You get enough trap tools eventually that it doesn’t matter that much, and he’s not the worst hero.

Also Rigard is a cleric not a paladin, so the class token conflict doesn’t apply there.

Edit to your edit: 4* heroes are the heart of E&P, and 5* heroes are far more rare to acquire and ascend. You don’t know when you’ll get a 5* out of legendary training, let alone who it’ll be, so I wouldn’t bank on that. You’re not really at the point of worrying about that anyway. It’s like being fussy about tire rims before you even have a car.

The way I see 5* heroes is that they’re like the captain, quarterback, or commander of each color. They help lead and anchor the team, but they can’t run the show by themselves. I’m not at the point of being able to field a full 5* 3/2 raid team and only am just finishing my second set of rainbow 5* (except for green because tonics hate me), and I’ve been playing for about a year.


Now that you have corrected the post, I believe you will get only one answer - Rigard. Dude is a flat out beast that will basically never become obsolete. He’s one of a few heroes I wouldn’t mind to max more than one of. Trust me, the answer is Rigard, and it isn’t even close.

Rigard for sure.
Then work on Grimm
Get some of the purple out of your defense team.

I cant seem to write 1 thing right, HA! :rofl:

Anyways, the answer seems to be pretty one sided. I’ll ascend Rigard then, thanks a lot for the imput everyone.

As a fun fact, I managed to get 2 extra Trap tools with Marlovia’s quest and an Elemental chest. Bon Jovi said it best: “we are halfway there”.


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