Who to ascend next? Joon/Malosi + red options

Hi everyone,

I’m a bit in a dilemma due to my yellows and reds and would like to ask for your opinions.
I currently have 6 darts and 5 rings, so I will be able to ascend just one hero each.

In yellow I have Joon sitting at 3/70 and unleveled Malosi, Justice and Guardian Owl. Since my I am looking for a yellow wing for my future defense below, it’s pretty much between Joon and Malosi.

Then there is the catch with my reds. If I choose Malosi for defense, I either have to split the emblems with BK or I have to switch out BK completely. If I choose Joon I don’t have to worry about emblems, but still could think potentially about replacing BK.

My red options are…
Puss in Boots at 4/55
Red Hood at 3/70
JF at 3/70
Marjana 3/70
Tyr at 2/41
Queen of Hearts 1/1

If my BK should stay on defense, who would you ascend anyway in this stack of reds next?

I would keep Black Knight… so Joon :slight_smile:
…With Red Hood as ascension’s candidate.


Definitely Joon

In the absence of knowing if you have any other red 5s ascended, seems you need a sniper. Tyr is a good option, and is probably a lot of fun. Marjana is also a very solid option. I wouldn’t do hood as you only seem to have support heroes ascended in red

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I’d vote for Joon. But G panther shouldn’t really be in defense though…

Bud, I think you should look long term when building your team. Malosi and Tyr are the best heroes in that group. Your going to get more heroes and emblems ( emblems is a long term endeavour but you’ll get a steady supply). Joon is “all right” but you’ll probably get other holy fast heroes along the way that would be better option. Malosi at “very fast” and controlling a Telly is kinda important. Tyr… well welcome to S3 and the heroes of the future- level him up.

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I agree with you, that Tyr and Malosi are probably the best, but only if we compare them 1on1 to the others.
But QoH, PiB, BK and RH would probably have the better synergy with Tellu as they are keeping her/him alive.
I get the point about Malosi and thats exactly why I can’t decide. Joon would be the better option for defense I think, while Malsoi would be decent I guess + he really helps on offense against any tank.

In my honest opinion, Red Hood works really well with Telluria (both protecting with minions). Jean-Francois is also good with Telluria. For yellow I would go for Joon especially if you have his costume.
And you have so many good heroes that add depth to your roster for raids, war teams etc
Good luck

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