Who to ascend- Kelile, Colen or Gormek?

So I was intent for waiting to get the 4* red healer (forgot his name, looks like an orc), but a couple of weeks ago I got Kiril and I already had Gandalf (the green 4* healer). Should I wait for the red healer or am I overdoing it with 3 healers on one team? Kelile, Colen and Gormek are all at level 60, ascension 3. Also, should I put Kiril in the middle?

BTW I recently found out there are a tiebreaker and a time limit on raids. After the 30th turn, the damage increases by 10% and there is a 5-minute limit. That’s a lot of fun. Before I got crushed before reaching the 30th due to the magnificent matchmaking, but now I can win sometimes.

PS. Before anyone suggests it, I, unfortunately, do not have a 4* purple hero or any colour 5*. If I did, I would be using them.

Gormek first, then colen, and kelile if you got maaaaanny items.

gormek is very usefull, can be tanky. Colen great damage output but low defense.

kelile not very dangerous for opponent.


Red healer - Boldtusk. Since you already have two healers, you don’t need Boldtusk urgently. Instead, you need more offensive heroes. I’d suggest maxing Gormek for his defense redusing skill.


So, I’ve never played with Kelile and don’t have much knowledge of her. Do you have both Gormek and Colen ready for ascension? Colen is a beast when he fires and unless you are ready with a cleanse, his burn damage can be brutal. Gormek is useful for titans because of his defense down, but not really all that scary on a defense team. Depends on your needs I guess?

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Gormek is a useful hero also on the long run because of defense down. Titans, raid, war.

Colen and Kelile are less good, level them if no better option is available. Colen hits ok but slow. Kelile is squishy and hits weak.

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Thanks for the advice, Gormek it is. I’ll just finish leveling Kiril in the next few days and then I will ascend Gormek.


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