Who to ascend? Kadilen, Sabina, Ares, Sonya or Tibertus?

Hi guys,

Another ascension question here.

I’ve been waiting for warm gloves for months and will hopefully be getting some soon! (fingers crossed)

Because i’ve been waiting so long i have several heroes waiting to ascend, which are:
Kadilen tier 2 to tier 3
Sabina tier 3 to tier 4
Ares tier 2 to tier 3
Sonya tier 3 to tier 4

and i also have tibertus tier 3 to tier 4 (i tend to take Sabina because i have no other healers, even though i know this guy’s defence debuff is great!)

Which hero do you think is worth ascending?


If you don’t have any healers, go with Sabina. Otherwise Tiburtus

thanks for your input, i really like Kiril but been really unlucky with my pulls. If i had Kiril i’d take out Sabina and put in tibertus, he’d be a straight swap for Sonya.

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