Who to Ascend? Aegir, Lianna, Evelyn

I only have 1 tome tight now. What do you think my Ascension order should be? I’m thinking Evelyn or Aegir. Granted, Evelyn isn’t 3-70 yet.

Evelyn is best when used with another green. If you don’t have another green leveled yet, I’d suggest leveling Lianna first. Hopefully, by the time you max her out and get Evelyn to 3-70, you’ll have enough mats to max her too.

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Aegir, you will so not regret it

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It is tough between Evelyn and Lianna. Lianna is probably a better day to day raider if you are light on nature heros. If you have several and are looking for the next then Evelyn. Evelyn with other Nature heros will be nasty on blue titans…or blue tanks.

Right now I have a 3-70 Lianna and a 4-70 Melendor. Was thinking Aegir for defense and Titans or Evelyn for Titans/offense. I figured leveling her would boost Lianna as well.

I guess to do this right it would be good to see your heros.

Unless you really don’t have a tank option I would not use Aegir.

Both Lianna and Evelyn are very functional at 3/70. IMHO a 4/80 Lianna with a 3/70 Evelyn would be a stronger team.


Depends on what you are looking for… I have Aegir maxed and he is great for defense & keeps me going on titans… but Evelyn is more all around def/off. I would choose Evelyn… good luck!

Evelyn or Lianna.

Id be leaning towards Lianna. She only has one special skill and its doing damage. Id want to get the most out of this one skill by leveling her as high as possible.

All of Evelyns skills are good but her selling points in my opinion are dispelling buffs and her defense down against nature. As long as you get her skill to 8/8 by the time you get her to level 3/70 you’ll get the most out of both of these skills. :slight_smile:
So id put her on-deck behind Lianna.

Lianna @3/70 is way less than Lianna @4/80. From the stats I’ve seen, she’s very very squishy. More squishy than Caedmon. And she doesn’t do full damage–and her being the hardest hitting sniper in the game is why you want her.

Evelyn does three things: Damage, dispel, and green defense debuf. All but the damage portion hit full capability when her special hits 8/8.

Evelyn @3/70 + Lianna 4/80 > Evelyn @ 4/80 + Lianna @ 3/70

Ultimately you’ll want to finish them both. And I’d give either of them a tome before Aegir.

Aegir is an even better candidate being stuck at 3/70 for a while: He’s very tanky, he won’t die too easily at 3/70. His attack stat isn’t good even when he’s maxed and that’s not why you use him anyway. And his special is fully effective when it hits 8/8.

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