Who to ascend 1st, Ares or Gravemaker?

Was in a debate last night with a few players after one player asked who he should ascend first, gravemaker or ares.

I voted ares but curious to see other’s thoughts

They both does well but Ares would help on all titans while Gravemaker only on greens.

Ares first.

I am having a similar dilemma to choose between Red Hood, Ares and GM.

I depends are u looking to satisfy defence in raiding or offence are u trieng to strengthen titian killing team ?

Top 100 raiding Gm will get u there Aries will keep u there for a lol while lol

The only 5* level 4 hero I am having now is Joon. I need to take all of them into consideration, defense, offense and titans. More likely I will ascend Ares first.

As much love I have for grave I agree Aries is a great tank so is Gm go 3/70 till u can take him

I mean it I love Gm haha but the solid choice for u is to take both to 3/70 play in raids I prefer to face teams with hero’s I wanted to level see how tough they are then make ur choice

my argument was that aries is an all around good hero. while grave is mainly helpful in raids. but player that maxex grave feels grave is just as helpful in all areas but more helpful in raids so…

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I wholeheartedly agree with ur argument rig if I had Aries he would be in the middle instead of my other Gm

Not having Ares so i can’t know how much difference gives on titan compared to Bold.

If the difference is high, i would say Ares.
If it is not so great, Grave.

I’m going to use that answer in every hero comparison from now on

you basically said “just go with the better one” lol but sound advice none the less

Basically i’m asking people who has him to answer that for you, because people who have not him can’t know.
We can know it is better then bold but… How much? Let’s think about that.

Bold increase attack of 5 people, VS Ares on 3 but with critical chance.
Ideally a titan team has 4 reds and Wu/Tarlak.
So Bold increasing even the attack of Wu kong/Tarlak, and thats not really important.
So basically Bold give you one hero more attack, Ares 3 heroes more critical.

3 critical is surely better of a single more attack, but how much?
Is it better of the 5% boost of the elemental link of Gravemaker? (That provide a complessive 20% more attack and has much more tile damage?)

Is it better now?

I actually would ascend Gravemaker. Both work as tank. I can keep my trophies around 2600 with gravemaker. But if someone got Guinevere later on, GM will also works in defence team in another places than tank. I also don’t have problems with Ares usually. For titan Ares is better, but for events and raiding gravemaker is better. Either way both are good heroes, so what ever he choose to max out, no mistakes made. :wink:


I’d say Gravemaker but that’s just me

I am very bitter about those who have Gravemaker. ESPECIALLY those who have so many. I can’t even pull a single one after spending over USD200 in June. :angry:

I use GM every day. I now use Ares only during wars.

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That is what I mean. The more I want a hero the more the game doesn’t want to give to me. :sob:

I don’t have Ares, but it doesn’t stop me from saying you cannot pick either without picking a whole team.

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