Who to acsend

Alright guys I got Triton 3/and a lot
Aegir 3/49 and Thorne 2/something
They each take 4 warm capes to ascend I just got 4
Thorne right ? Or max out Triton ?

Triton for those three. Usually fully maxed 4* is better than 5* in level 70/3. Thorne and Aegir aren’t very good blue heroes. Triton is much more useful.


What @LuluA85 said. Triton first of course.

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Triton. Thorne/Aegir aren’t worth the mats unless you’re cheap/free to play and have a low chance of getting another blue 5.

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Thanks guys and no not cheap in the months I’ve been playing I could probably buy a new PS4 with the money I put in lol

Forget Thorne please!!!

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Aegir is actually pretty good but only when maxed & accompanied with some “specifics” heroes imo.

Maxed Triton will be better than 3/70 Aegir for sure.


Triton is very handy. Hits like a truck when he is maxed, and the heal buff is great too. Whenever I am raiding red I take Triton and Kiril, great pairing.

I have Aegir at 2/60 also and he is pretty good too, all heroes can be exploited to some extent, and he has weaknesses, but he might get my next capes (Grimm is looking mighty cold without his shirt on though)

I’d go Triton first, and out of those three, Thorne fourth


That response is gold. Poor thorney can’t even get honorable mention…


I don’t wanna you to wast your AMs on 5☆ heroes unless they are no regret point heroes.
Throne is just as the name voice.
Through n add away then it male sense
Aegir is a better bet than Throne but still not the good hero you might think he is as a HOTM…
Keep your Scopes for some thing like Magni … with fast mana speed and Pure strick skills.

Triton needs those capes! Compared to the other two he is not dressed appropriately. :wink: But in all seriousness he is a real asset to your arsenal. His heal buff has saved me many times. Plus he’s fast so his special goes off before your healers.

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What’s so bad about Thorne ?? I mean he deals ■■■■■■■■ of damage and I tested pairing with aegir in this war and it was a success I picked an opponent with almost exactly the same stats so it’s a fair fight and I could properly evaluate the results no point attacking a weaker opponent !!
End of story I won very close had forgotten to add a % cause of field aid !!! But it works !!
On the other hand 2 hits from sartana and Triton is toast !!!
I would really like to understand why Thorne is so bad seems a great fit for aegir
My personal favourite
Natalya and zimkitha wow
I just got gloves ;!!!

New question who to ascend
Sartana or zimkitha
Only 1 pair of gloves !!!

If gloves are your limiting factor sartana. Zimkitha is ideal in a red stack, but it sounds like you are probably geared for rainbow teams. Sartana is pretty solid in any team as a fast striker.

Actually right now my attack team is working very well with Natalya 3/50 and zimkitha 2/50 I had always done rainbow until I tried these 2 wow I passed the Santa’s challenge till 3500
Going in with just 3189 all thanks to zim and Natalya mother north had no chance !!!
Also I’m playing season 2 in hard mode
No problem so it will be hard to remove them from my favourite line up !!!

I’ll let fate decide keep training common and uncommon who ever is at level 60 first !!!
Anyway I’m sure more gloves will come !!!

Feed Thorne to Triton, you’ll thank me later.

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I don’t get how 512 damage of Thorne is worse than
345 of Triton
But if u all say it there must be a reason !!

Ok guys I found the solution Thorne is for defence and Triton attacks !!!I’m keeping both !!! But Triton goes first !!!

Thorne may be better with the class system so I guess I’m holding on to mine for now but up until now he has been a glorified Dawa with slightly pumped Boril stats. By slightly I mean 1 1 Kiril buff. I raid Diamond tier with a 3300 Monochrome Blue attack team and 3600 rainbow defense team and when Thorne is on the field I just ignore him, he doesn’t buff or debuff and when he goes off he usually kills himself on Riposte.

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