Who to acsend 🤔

So I just got a gloves after 3 months of wait.
To whom should I give that very rare gloves?

Those are my important G-Forces.

Need the best choice cause me and gloves doesn’t mix.

Can you take anyone further afterwards?

Have you got mats for Liana, for example?


Got mats for Lianna and any red/Dark 5☆ but no heroes and even if I had heroes no dayum gloves.

Very good question as always.

I want to say BT or Kiril but my gut says Buddy even though he is green heavy. Lianna if he can go all the way though.


My loot AMs

Take Lianna all the way man and don’t look back. She is amazballs…

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That’s such a lopsided set of mats!

Frustrating isn’t it. I get 2 x compass for every glove.

Anyway, Liana is the quintessential sniper and a damage machine, she would be my pick.

Maybe you will need to contemplate joining an alliance again to up your loot?

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@King_Nothing @JonahTheBard
Thanks my friends :heart: :heart: :heart:
Lianna will be it.

About alliances, well I have heavey work time on. But after that I may start to take offers. :wink: I am a regular now, aka big shot hahahajahhaha.

Liana for me, then Boldusk.

Boldusk rocks, in every situations (just my opinion) & Liana is an awesome sniper, prob one the best or the best.


Going for Lianna indeed thanks mate.

@JonahTheBard please close it to save our friends time replaying to this.


Look up “emma strikes back” if you decide on an alliance. I can get you in.

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