Who should stay and who should go-heroes

Hi, I need help to create two teams, one for the map and one for titans, war and raids.
These are my current heroes :
Bane -3rd ascension, level 50, talent grid 5,
Kiril-3 ascension, level 11
Gadeirus - 2nd ascension, level 39
Jahangir-3rd ascension, level 22
Renfeld-2nd ascension level 31
Graymane-3rd ascension, level 50, talent grid 6
Belith -3rd ascension, level 33
Dawa-2nd ascension, level 17
Gil-Ra - 2nd ascension, level 3
Ulmer-1st ascension, level 26
Isshtak -1st ascension, level 16
Tyrum -1st ascension, level 17.

My current team setups are these :
Team 1 - Jahangir, Gadeirus, Bane, Kiril, Renfeld
Team 2 -Belith, Bane, Gadeirus, Kiril, Graymane
Team 3 (I use it for farming and for easy quests) - Jahangir, Dawa, Graymane, Belith, Gil-Ra.

Thanks in advance to anyone who’s willing to help and I hope I didn’t write too much.

Raids are a real pain until you have the resources to reroll and the depth to react to a defense you’re going to attack. My advice is to level up your best dudes while you gain others.

War is similar to above. You’ll need a lot of heroes to make it happen.

For titans, I switch my team for every color, stacking the strong color (red against a green titan, for example) while including defense down and attack buffs.

Your best dude is Kiril and will be good for a very, very long time. I’d focus on him. Belith and Bane are your best 3’s. I’d get them up pronto as well.


Thanks for the advice. I’m actually trying to level up these 3 :smile:

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what about thinking about the raid tourneys? There you need ay least 2 hero’s of each color, two healers( both of diff color so u have one when they exclude a color). This is also were slow burning heros are a REAL REAL pain.

At your level Gaderirus will be a pain to ur opponent. Kiril is GREAT at almost any level

You should keep all heroes that you’ve leveled. It’s a big waste to feed them away when they’re already trained.

I would take off emblems from Greymane when you get a reset emblem. He’s probably the worst choice for them, Jahangir and Gill-Ra are better sorcerers if you want a 3* one. Keep him with no emblems for raid tournaments. Level up Ulmer as your first good blue 3*. Defense drop to all is far better.

For your priorities per color:

  • Tyrum – dispelling buffs from opponents is a great help
  • Bane – if you get a 2nd one I would level it too. Dawa otherwise if you’re impatient, but don’t give her emblems (no good 3* rogues).
  • Ulmer – covered above
  • Belith – your first good healer, will be helpful longterm for wars
  • Jahangir – most damage output of the hit-all 3* heroes

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