Who should I use for my defense team (raid and war)?

The title says it all.
In wars it’s quite rare that people seem to not kill my defense first try.

Here are my heroes. Ignore who’s in what teams, they are things for titan, defense, farming, Atlantis…

Here is mý war and raid defense

Alliance decided yellow center and li Xiu is my only max 4* yellow hence her being in that

Ok in my opinion your team is NOT ready to mess with the 5 stars yet…Your best tank to work on is Kashhrek Your best tank to run now is Kiril
Ok Defense I would use Scarlet, Hansel, Kiril, Colen and Li Xiu
On offence I color stack as do most. If I was you 1 would run a 3-2. With Kelile, Scarlet, Colen, Proteus and Rigard


Your war defense is very slow to damage the opponent.

Li Xiu doesn’t deal a lot of damage, but she’s useful for stalling enemy specials. She needs heroes behind her that can take advantage of the time she buys. Kiril and Rigard don’t help with that though; they’re just stalling the match further. Sonya is also a pretty weak sniper.

I would try this for war instead:

Kelile | Kiril | Li Xiu | Proteus | Peters

Li Xiu and Proteus have great synergy together: Li Xiu reduces mana, and Proteus stops it altogether from charging on the 2/3 he targets. Peters can further help with that too for preventing skills from being used. Kiril still in so he can help heal your team and boost damage output. Kelile is a solid sniper with decent DoT for her rarity.


Just want to say thanks to both.
@Rohn your defense suggestion so far has netted me some good wins. A few 4100’s have attacked me and I have won, they then attack a 2nd time and win but still. Each time so far it has been about a 48 cups win and then about 18 loss the second time. So, so far so good.

Also, I have been working on Kashhrek and got him to 4/41 so far.

@DaveCozy I will implement and try this when we can edit for the next war.
May I ask though, why would you pick Peters instead of Hansel? Is it based on the fact his Defense and Health is better?

Peters: 643 / 641 / 1113
Hansel: 699 / 601 / 1064

I have emblems on both and I chose health/defense for both I do believe and their enhanced stats for me personally are:

Peters: 643 / 659 / 1149
Hansel: 699 / 619 / 1100

Obviously they are both pretty much the same, except Hansel has slightly better attack for his special: it does 21% damage and reduces mana to 50% if it reaches full (Peters onyl silences for 3 turns).

Thanks in advance

Kashrek forever!!! :joy:

Rogue class too – Peters has a chance to avoid special skill damage, which makes him harder to kill than Hansel with Cleric class (cleric is a useful class too, but Rogue is better)


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