Who should I spend my Trap Tools on?

Ameonna 3.60
Sabina 3.60
Merlin 2.22

My current lineup:
Alby 3.70
Keile 4.60
Kiril 4.70
Wu Kong 4.70
Sabina 3.60

Initially, I wanted a purple healer to flank Kiril and protect Wu Kong on the wings. I was hoping for Rigard, but got Sabina instead. I like the synergy of my team, but feel like I might have too many healers.

I am currently on level 19 of the Santa Challenge (Advanced). I am hoping to complete it to get the mats. I read that Merlin can be a great hero to stop Mother North from going off.

I have 6 trap tools right now. Is it smarter to ascend Sabina now, or Merlin? Thanks!

I assume this is your raid defense team you’re posting. Are you only concerned about the best decision for raid defense (that is, how to improve this team), or are you also concerned with which decision will give you the most flexibility and strength for raid attack and titans?

If it’s the second option, it would be really helpful to see the rest of your heroes.

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Defense - Sabina
Offense - Merlin
Events - slight edge to Merlin
Titan - Merlin

In My H Opinion


This is my all-everything Team. I am c2p so I don’t have many heroes.

Based on the limited hero information you gave, you’d probably want to ascend Merlin. The team you have right now has only 1 viable hitter (kelile). Merlin would add some depth to your team as well as just being an amazing 4* hero :laughing:

To get a better idea of what would help you’re team, @Garanwyn is right - the rest of your heroes would help.

EDIT: Looks like we were posting at the same time :smile: I think merlin would work beats l around for you.


My other heroes are:

Danzubruo 3.54
Caedmon 3.1
Bane 3.50
Gato 3.50
Hawkmoon 3.50
NAshgar 3.50
Namahage 3.50

Sabina’s special is at full effectiveness at 3/60. She’s just squishy at that point. But in situations where you want the buff removal and an auxiliary healer, she will work ok.

Merlin’s special does damage in addition to it’s mana control. So increasing his attack stat will increase his effectiveness. I’d go ahead and ascend Merlin.

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As an aside, your damage output would definitely benefit from having a fully ascended Caedmon available to you. I’d be hunting for shields and gloves when possible.


keep for Proteous , grab it at next Atalantis summon

Merlin it is!

Yes, I’m trying to get Caedmon to max ascension ASAP. I need more fast heroes and snipers for roads and titans.

Thanks for the insight!


I’ll keep my finger crossed. Maybe I’ll get lucky and get Hel :slight_smile:

You’re very welcome. Good luck, and I hope you enjoy Merlin. @Kerridoc says Merlin is one of his favorite heroes, and I’m a pretty big fan too.

I would go for Merlin :wink:

Since your are a kind of new player I think your focus should be titan hits… You will not win ascension items in raids, at least at your level…

I always recommend the new players to focus 1st and titan teams and then defense teams!!!

I would go with Merlin since he is very useful in titan attacks and even in offense…


I’m a huge fan of mana control champs; they’re good in pvp and good in events.

Merlin by a mile, unless you don’t have any healers, and even then Rigard is far better than Sabina for a purple healer. Self-dispells are in short supply, and being very tanky is useful as you climb the ladder.