Who should I replace quintus with?

I can either do…sartana 508 emblems, obakan 308 emblems, domitia would have to split emblems with captain. Here is what my current team looks like. team is Poseidon, Ariel, lianna, captain and quin

Im guessing this is for defense?

Sartana all the way.

Quintus would never fire in a corner and even if you put him as flank he will still hardly fire.

Obakan hits like a wet noodle, ppl can charge him multiple times and absorb his ult with very little consequences.

Domitia’s x3 dispel is cute, for defense not so much althou her dodge ability she can do some magic once in a while. I would still prefer Sartana, a x3 dispeler in a defending team is never an issue. Because by the time it fires, I already done what I wanted to do.

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Sartana for a few reasons.
1.) You have the most disposable emblems for her.
2.) She’s fast mana so she immediately takes step over domitia.
3.) She has a better defense stat than Obakan(plus theres a lot of good Barbarians, itd be a shame to dump them into Obakan).

Furthermore, I’d look at any heroes that do something other than purely snipe. You’d have Poseidon, Lianna, and then Sartana all filling the sniper role. Finding an all-hitting tank (or at least 3 hit), with another 3 hitter would really set yourself up for some raid dominance.
My defense line is as follows:
Kageburado+18/Santa Claus+18/Telluria+12/Vela +11/Mushashi+9
I have yet to fall below 2600 cups with that line. You’ll notice I only have one “sniper” and thats the very fast Kageburado. Santa, Telly, and Vela all do damage to all defenders, and Mushashi does splash damage. Just something to think about.

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I have justice leveled all the way up, but I’m over slow heros

In my honest opinion with your current line up I would swap out Quintus for Sartana - 100%

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On defense, I’d definitely choose Sartana from those heroes. IMO she’s the best of the purple 5* Season 1 heroes and you can’t go wrong with a fast sniper on defense.

Sartana for sure. But Lianna as tank is less than ideal. She will be first to die and her special does not help the rest of the team at all. She is far better as a wing.

I use Justice as my tank with Lianna and Sartana as wings. It keeps me in around the 2500 cup range. But then you’d be sacrificing Poseidon (or running two holy).

I will add that prior to maxing Justice I used a 4 sniper + Ariel defense: Sartana - Ariel - Marjana - Joon - Lianna. It barely kept me close to 2400 cups and sometimes I had to work hard to open the chest in diamond. Since switching to Justice (moving Marjana to left flank) I float between 2450 and 2650 cups and the only time I drop to platinum is when I venture over 2700 cups and get slapped back REAL HARD.


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