Who should I max King Arthur or Miki the hotm

Just as the title says “Who should I max King Arthur or Miki the hotm”? I can only max one of these heroes but I’m not sure who to go with because both are great. I can’t wait to read your replies. Thanks

both are needed for Titan (Fire) and good for Raid

if you had Tarlak then go for Arthur first to improve your score for Fire Titan, but if you dont have Tarlak then go for Miki.


Miki is better than Tarlak for titans: ascend Miki.

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Thanks arios. I don’t have Tarlak but I have Wu Kong and Ranvir both are maxed.

You think Miki will be good for Raids? I think i’m all set for titans.

While in raids it could be hard to benefit from his normal attack’s boost his 3-target 4-turns silence sure would be handy… even if it would come with a slow special.


If you have Ranvir and Wu maxed Miki adds less than he would otherwise add.

Do you have Frida? She makes Arthur less imperative. Many other 5* snipers?

A bit more context helps make the advice more relevant to your situation, otherwise we pick favorites…

My Opinion: With what you have said so far Arthur looks more helpful to you.

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Miki is meh, go with Arthur. Miki’s Slow mana is very debilitating. Sure his stats are good, but his special is not very special

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Thanks a lot for your answer. I have Frida and King Arthur at 3-70. You think Frida is the wiser choice?

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I was worried about the slow Mana. Although I have Kunchen and he’s slow but he’s a total beast at tank IMO. I have Azlar maxed who is also slow and half of the time he’s killed before getting charged.

Miki has higher def stats than Azlar, he should be able to fire at least once. Just by looking at the stats, perhaps I would use him on the flank in raids… perhaps

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My Personal Opinion is that Frida/Arthur will add more to your team than Miki because you already have Ranvir AND Wu Kong maxed for the attack boost.

Ranvir is FAST mana and hits with good durability.
Miki’s attack buff doesn’t lead to misses but arrives slowly so either you chow down on items or need a lot of tiles to trigger him. Miki’s Silence is excellent, Arthur’s attack down and Special Skills Shield are another way to protecting the team although it isn’t AS effective.

If Frida was already maxed then you would have no reason to work urgently on Arthur. With both at 3-70 and the same class it is a question of what you prefer,
Maxed stats are very similar so focus on specials.

  • Frida hits three for offensive raids/wars and the debuff.
  • Arthur has the edge on Titans with Attack Down & Special Skills shield.

Frida’s defense against Nature helps in raids but does nothing on Titans (can’t imagine taking her against a Nature Titan).

So, it boils down to when you expect to use them. If your Titans are 8* or lower Frida is plenty and has the edge on PvP (IMO). Titans die by tiles and her attack stat is slightly higher than Arthur’s (his special hits a single target much harder). With the mid-level Titans Arthur’s attack down is not necessary, but you will really benefit from the attack down on higher level titans.

Miki feels like a Titan Specialist so there the comparison would be to Arthur and I think he has a slight advantage (elemental defense down and attack down vs. an attack boost which you can already access via Ranvir).

If you are aiming for PvP I would focus on Frida.

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Of the 3, I would say max Frida first. Especially with Wu and Ranvir already maxed

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Frida is better for raids and map levels, but Arthur is better for titans.

If you’re all good on titans, then Frida.

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Both are great. I prioritize titans, so I’d want Miki. Arthur is great for titans, too, but only red titans.

That said, titans is one aspect of the game. Arthur is better in every other way. So, I’d vote Arthur.

Also, if you aren’t fighting high level titans, Miki could be just as useful at 3/70.

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As someone who has had (Cabinboy) Peter on my team for nearly two years, I can say with confidence that Silence isn’t all that great on titans. Silence doesn’t stop mana gain; it merely prevents the target from casting. As soon as Silence wears off (and, for titans, it’s not stunned), >bang< prepare for incoming.

Silence works nicely in raiding, though, if you can kill the target before the Silence wears off–or refresh the Silence, which is plausible with fast Peters but not with slow Miki.

Personally, having played with Miki in beta, I’m not going to work very hard to pull him. Between Ranvir, Tarlak and Aegir I feel I’ve got enough similar options at faster speeds.


Thanks everyone for your input, it’s much appreciated. I guess I put the “cart before the horse” because I was banking I would get Miki and I did not. $180 dollars down the tubes and did not pull him. So, I maxed Arthur and Sartana. Since hoping I get Miki before the month is over.

I’ve been having the same dilemma. I have not had luck pulling Ranvir or Tarlak. So all I have is Wu.

I have Frida & Arthur at 3/70 and will be pulling for Miki this month.

I’ve already decided Arthur over Frida (after much deliberation) because I just don’t care enough about Frida’s dispel and Arthur’s got better titan skillz.
But if I pull Miki…

It’s going to be hard to give the scopes to Arthur especially since Arthur is passable at 3/70.

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Hi @Kerridoc,

let’s assume… you didn’t try hard to pull for him but got him anyway…
let’s futher assume…you have Ranvir maxed
let’s futher assume…you have Tarlak at 3-70 (and Evelyn maxed and Lianna, Elkannen, Kadilen not maxed)
let’s futher assume…you have Frida, Richard, Grim, Kiril, Triton, Wilbur all maxed and 3-60s of Grimm, Kirl, Triton and umaxed Boril, Sonya, …

let’s futher assume… i’m trying to put you in my shoes ;-)… what would you do?

start leveling Miki? start leveling Boril or Sonya? could you give me some advice please (appreciated all your advice from the past a lot… it really helped and changed things to the better…)

Thanks in advance,


With your bench, the only reason I can see to work on Boril or Sonya is to build out war teams. Miki is a fine hero, especially with the increase up to 130% base, 170% max.

Now, it’s true that you have two similar heroes–Ranvir and Tarlak, as do I, which is why spending scarce gems to pull Miki isn’t personally a priority. But now that you have Miki, it makes sense to bring him up to at least 3/70. He’ll be the best choice of the three attack buffers against fire titans and very solid in events and battles when a blue stack is logical.

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