Who should I level?

Who should I choose to level all the way, I can level 2 blue, but hoping to get Frida from fated so saving one for her? Thanks for your help in advance!

Definitely Loki gets my vote.
When you can, definitely finish Flip, hes awesome with his bypass. It also bypasses stoneskin. I love him against counterattack heroes.


Exactly how I was thinking of choosing :grin:

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agreed with @notyou87 : Lord Loki and Flip.


No doubt, it’s Loki.


Thanks for throwing Flip in there, I’ve been on the fence only because I haven’t been able to see any game play with him. None of the YouTubers I watch use him and so I was left wondering that maybe he wasn’t as good as he looked. Thank you to all of you who responded, I will focus on Loki and I think I can go ascend Flip right now!!!


In my honest opinion it should be Lord Loki to level first followed by Flip
Whichever heroes you choose good luck

Flip! Then loki

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