Who should I level from these random heroes?

So I just did my 3x10 Atlantis pull, and my first pull was Kage - so as my first 5* I’m pretty happy. I was really hoping for somebody like Proteus, Wilbur or even Wu, but I ended up with a lot of duplicates and some heroes that look… useless? At least I got Rigard which I think can really help my defense.

I really have no idea now what my team comp should be for Raid, Defense, and Events. I’m pretty new and you can see that previously I was running BT/Grimm/Hansel/Bane/Tiburtus in Raids.

Obviously I don’t really know what to make of Danza or Agwe. They don’t really look like they’re worth the investment, or at least until a whole bunch of the other heroes are done…

Also which 3* heroes should I be leveling for special events? I’m assuming I should pick 2 or 3 of each color.

I now have lots of heroes to tie me over until I can get to TR20 in 2-3 months - but which heroes should I focus on for now?

Also - should I be leveling up a 2nd or 3rd hero of any of my duplicates (BT/Rigard/Bane… etc)?

As you can see - I literally have no idea, so any advice is welcome! Thanks! :laughing:

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About 3 stars, I will leave 5 of each for you but its your call 3 or 5
purrple, leave 2 baltazars, 1 gill-ra, 2 tyrums.
Yellow 1 kailani, 1 bane 3 melias
Green belith 2 muggy 2 mnesius
Blue 2 gatos, 2 ulmers, 1 valen
Red 1 jahangir, and namahages, if you already have some than of course Little bit different, but those are heroes that will be decent in events
About 4 stars I don’t have danza, but heard that he can be decent even deadly, but also he can be 33% terrible, its his game, :wink:agve, leave her for collection, useless hero. But your dublicates like boldtusk, rigard and even melendor are OK it’s never too much healers in aw
And kageburado is one of the best in the game, I think it’s clear you have to work on him


Thanks for the recommendation @Mezviets! I will start working on 3 of each color and then see if my roster has changed by that point.

Any thoughts on composition for Raid? I’m not 100% sure if I should go rainbow…

Also I wonder what would be a solid defensive setup with what I have.

Thanks again.

In 3 star events I usually use mono teams, but that’s because I always try for top 100.
On any raids, you should stack your team against current opponent, for example, if he has blue center, you stack 3 green and 2 with opposite colour for one of flanks, I try to make team that I have healer one of the two others, so if there is no green tiles, I can at least activate healer, what gives me some more time to find green tiles, something like that
About defense, i really think you have some better already leveled heroes, what I can’t see in those screenshot, so I can’t really help you with that

In raids you need to adjust your team to the opposing team.

This is true for special abilities and color stacking.
Right now you are leveling a mostly 4* rainbow team.
To get more options I would recommend to level 2 3* rainbow teams first and the go back to your 4* team.
After you have 2 4* rainbow teams ( if heroes permit ) you can start leveling Kage.

Leveling with same color feeder heroes is highly recommended which means you are leveling 5 heroes at the time. ( You already seem to to this. :smile: )

You are quite lucky because you have so many good 4* healers in Boldtusk, Rigard and Melendor.
Keep them all you will Need them for war later.

If I were you I would start with:

green: Belith, Mnesseus If you get Brienne do her after Belth.

Purple: Tyrum, Chochin, Balthasar

yellow: Bane, Kailani, Melia

red: Namahage, Jahangir, Boldtusk

blue: Gato, Valen, Agwe

This gives you a good start and an opportunity to mix and match different heroes with different skills.

You are off to a good start and I wish you best of luck for your E&P career. :smile:

@Mezviets - Actually those are all my heroes , what you see is what I got :sweat_smile:… but yeah you make some solid points, it’ll be months before I can fully take advantage of your good advice!

Thanks so much for jumping in with that detailed post @Elayanith! Sounds smart to focus on quickly building up a couple 3* teams, but I still think I should just take the four 4* heroes that I’m working on to their max level. It’ll be awhile before I have the ascention mats to bring them to the final tier… but at least I can push into Gold Raid Tier. I’ve realized now how big of a source of income that is, especially loot from Wanted Chests which scale nicely with raid tier.

Thanks for the list of heroes. Lots of work to do - it does seem like a “side-career” haha

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I just saw the number 113 from 125 and was sure you just show your projects :sweat_smile:
In that case you don’t Relay need to worry about your raid defense, when I was at your level, I just put some decent but not the best ones in defense, so I can easily beat them in revenge raids

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Gonna agree with most of this. Add Gill-Ra to the list of purples and Berden and Muggy to the list of greens. I’d skip Kailani and wait for Gunnar for a spirit linker. And I prefer Valen over Gato, but it’s close. Beyond this, consider who you need for class trials. Some terrible heroes may still be necessary for that. I held onto Prisca for way longer than I wanted to for that reason.

Consider that to max four-stars (and that sweer, sweet Kage) you need some relatively rare stuff, but not so with three-stars, so they are always a safe, fast project. I’d get at least two rainbow teams of three-stars before coming back to those four-stars. Totally jealous of your multiple Boldtusks, btw. He is one of the few classics who still hasn’t dropped for me.

Finally, don’t discount Danza. He was my first four-star yellow, and my only one for a long time. In another color, he’d be less desirable, but he stacks up pretty well against the other four-star yellows. I have him emblemed to +14 and still use him all the time.

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