Who should I level from each color?

Lady Locke, Brynhild or Telluria? (My maxed greens are costumed Mel and LJ, I have also Gobbler, Kashrek and costumed Skittle at 1/1 but they will probably become food sooner or later)

Richard, Triton, Valeria or Sonya? (Maxed blue is Kirill, I have also Boril at 1/1 but I prefer Cyprian)

Ameonna or Grimble (maxed dark is Cyprian)

Neith, Onatel, Wu Kong or Hu Tao (none of my holies are maxed except 3*s due to lack of mats, I have also Danzaburo who I don’t really want to level but maybe I should?)

J-F, Azlar, Kelile, Gormek or Sumitomo (maxed reds are Scarlett, Wilbur and Guardian Falcon).

I may also add, my levelling takes quite long, like a 10-12 days to max a 4*.


sounds like youve had a little bit of luck in aquiring some good heroes so far!

Personally my overarching advice is:

4* heroes are far more versatile than a 5* one… They also are quicker & cheaper to max out and will get you going places quicker.

With That Being Said

My advice would be:

Brynhild. 100% Bryn. After Bryn I would probably say Skittles & her costume next. Then worry about Telly or Lady Locke

Blue: Sonya first. Followed by Triton & Boril. Then can come back & work on Richard later.

Red: I would add Kelile to your maxed reds list. That way you got the 5x and the versatility of 2 DoA, 1 sniper & a general D-Down hero. After that I would PERSONALLY work on JF before Azlar as he is (overall) stronger & more useful.

Wu Kong… 100% Wu Kong; he will boost your titan hits quite dramatically (read more in the link below).
After wu kong, Hu Tao & Danza can be useful in Yellow Stacks. Both have decent attack stats & are handy in terms of DoA & Tournamnets. After them I would do Onatel first (definitly much better than Nieth IMO)

Not many options here. Ammeona first (she is actually a really good tile damage hero) followed by Grimble. If you get Tiburtus, Rigard or Sabina, any/all of them in before Grimble.

Hope that makes sense :slight_smile:


I agree with most of that, but would say that Telluria at 3/70 is better than most ascended fours. She is that good - her and Hansel were joint MVP for me doing legendary in the event

So if you want a full team healer (noting that you have Kiril and Melendor) you could do worse. Brynhild might be the go first, your call

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I’m gonna suggest Telluria. Will probably do fine at 3-70 anyway. Could do telluria and brynhild together.

blue: Sonya then triton then richard

purple: … wait for something better? lol. If you’re swimming in purple feeders, Grimble, I guess. Cuz Ameonna is pretty useless. If you get Rigard/Tibs/Sabina in the mean time, switch immediately.

Yellow: Wu kong, then Onatel to 3/70 (or 4/40ish if you have darts), then Neith to 3/70 and finish off Onatel.

Red: Kelile then JF, if you get boldtusk in the meantime, switch to boldtusk immediately.

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First, 10-12 days doesn’t seem bad at all to me for maxing a 4*, assuming you are working on 5 heroes at once, feeding all on color.

I’d go with:

Yellow: Wu Kong. There is no other option honestly, unless you have one of the other titan slayers, which it doesn’t seem like you do.

Red: Kellie. She’s solid. As others have said, if Boldtusk shows up, switch to him, and that’s over any other red, not just 4* reds.

Blue: Sonya, then Boril. You like Cyprian, so you should like Boril as well. He functions better against boss mobs where purple is a problem color, or where blue is a good color.

Purple: Are those the only two options you have? If so, Ameonna, I guess.

Green: I have no real advice here. I have none of your 3 preferred heroes, and have only faced Lady Locke, and that only very rarely. Of the greens you feel may be food, I’s suggest Kashhrek, then Skittleskull. Kashhrek was my first 4* green, and he still get used in wars - he’s a healer, and those are pretty much strictly NOT feeders. Gobbler heals, but it’s so rarely useful, that’s he basically not a healer. I do use him against teams of minion summoners.

Regarding Gobbler

Really? Curious how that goes, does he do anything worthwhile ? Sorry to be a little off topic

Hey Hey, thank you for your kind responses, it’s true I had some luck with heroes, especially being C2P but my problem is I have no means to level them quickly and that’s killing me seeing how most of them sits on 1/1. I’m just now researching my first TC20 but I don’t want any more heroes, I just need tons of hams :smiley:
I consider Kashrek to be quite a good hero, I hate facing him in raids (he’s not dangerous but very hard to kill) but when I have so many other great healers already I think leveling him may be a waste of time. And no, I work mostly on one hero at the time, I tried reading about power leveling but I never have enough of resources to do that, just recruits hoarded in one of my TC11s.

i wouldn’t waste mats on kashrek because once you get past that level he’s completely useless; i’d rather have a 3-star hero than kashhrek.

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For me the best way is rainbow color leveling. So red to red, blue to blue… etc, specially if we do not have reach 2-3x rainbow 3* and 4* heroes. In the long time this methode is faster and also cheaper resource ham/feeder. I still doing this method.

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His special power is to not only remove minions, but also heal when he does. I’ve found him to be decent enough in that role. We had a war where they were running blue tanks, and one team had a bunch of minion creators, Tried him as a second green on a later team, and he went to town, so I feel he’s got a very situational role.

It may be the tiniest niche in the game, but he is good at it.

I’d highly recommend working on 5 at a time, one of each color. You have plenty of heroes to work on, and feeding on color will speed up the whole process; not any one hero, but the whole backlog will move faster.

Power leveling is for when you really, really need to get a particular hero done.

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How have you been doing in events? I would max one more batch 4* heroes before moving on to 5*, im assuming you can’t max a 5* yet, and more you have maxed 4* heroes the better shot you have finishing both epic and legendary tiers in epic.

You have 2 greens already so you could make an exception and move on to Telluria. Brunhild’s a good option too though

Then Sonya her fast dispel is awesome

Ameonna for purple i know she doesn’t maybe seem much, but is a good hero with high attack stat and if you’re lucky you’re going to win wars with her being the last one standing in ghost form, lol

Wu Kong for yellow without a doubt, he’s going to be a huge help with titans and event’s. Wu Kong takes priority over all of your other heroes.

It seems you have a bunch of maxed red’s already and they’re pretty good too so maybe move on to JF on that department.

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This Corellia is the first event I was able to finish at all stages which was a bit surprising for me. All my 5*s are in range from 1/1 to 3/70, nothing higher. I think I will try leveling 5 heroes at the same time, each with different color, maybe it will be faster to make them viable for wars than to wait ages to max one hero.

So far I decided on Hu Tao (no mats for final ascension of Wu Kong yet), Telluria, Sonya, Kelile (having one more sniper wouldn’t hurt) and yes, Ameonna, dark is my worst color. Grimble’s time will come when minions start to be really annoying but I rarely meet minion enemies in a low to middle platinum.

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