Who should I keep and who should I eat?

Hey guys,

Very much a newbie here and learning. Any input would be great! Take a look at my team and tell me who I should keep, who I should level, and who should be eaten?

Also is ther a multiplier to eat 10 at a time? What is the priority color wise, if any, when you merge? I have been generally merging like colors.



Keep all 3* and higher. Use only 1 and 2* heroes as food. At least unless you built full squads of 3 and 4* heroes. by that time you’ll be experienced enough to decide what higher heroes you don’t need.

There was an article on the forum that stated that there is no difference whether to ascend by one hero or by 10 at a time. My personal experience shows that it is not so and feeding one hero at a time doesn’t give you high chance to increase special. So, unless your hero is at 8 level of a special skill (or 7th level before last level up) use same color stacked by 10.

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Until you have the materials to ascend your 4* and 5* heroes, focus on maxing your 3*. Work on one hero of each color at a time, feeding same color 1* and 2* heroes in batches of 10.

To start with, work on Bane, Boldtusk, Rigard, Wu Kong, and Caedmon. When you reach the ascension materials wall, start working on Azar or Hawkmoon or Nashgar if you’ve gotten them, Greymane, Valen if you have gotten him, Belith or Berden if you’ve gotten them, and Balthazar if you have him yet

At your level why would you want to feed any hero to another? Keep all 3* and above for now, they come in handy for war and for the beginner level of the event then later on once they’re maxed and you don’t want them you can feed them to a 4*/5*. Max each hero one at a time and you will have a strong team power faster than trying to max all heroes at once and will get noticed by top clans faster. Also, there may not be a higher chance for feeding 1 at a time vs 10 at once, but I’ve noticed that feeding one at a time maxes skill faster instead of maxing your hero level and not able to max skill.

Eventually you’ll want to level Boril, Gormek, Lianna, Gregorion, and Scarlett too

Aife is the ONLY one you should eat.

It looks as though you’ve already started eating your 3* heroes based on the fact that Bane seems to be your only leveled 3*. Don’t eat any more 3*s.

As you’re finding out, it take a lot of effort to level 4s and even more to level 5s I would highly recommend you pause leveling the 4* and 5s until you have a solid 3 team. The consequence to starting with 4* and 5* leveling is that it sucks up all your levelling resources and you’re going to get to a point where you have a hard time getting the ascention materials you’ll need. A fully ascended 3* is superior to a 1st or even 2nd level 4*.

Bane, Karil, Azar is a good start. Belith, Brienne, Berden, Hawkmoon, Balthazar, Tyrum, and Valen are 3*'s you’ll want to keep an eye out for. Look up the “best 3* heroes” thread on this forum and read it.

Only use 1* and 2* heroes to feed until you have a better understanding of what your team needs. There’s no multiplier for feeding 10 at a time. In fact, the suggestion is to feed the 3* heroes one like color feeder at a time - this gives them the best chance of maxing their special skill by the time they’re 3/50 (yes, even though the skill-up is only 1-2%).


Yeah I agree to keep your top 30 best so you can fight in wars.

As you get multiples of 3 star heroes you can start eating them eventually.

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