Who should i go to 80 with?

I have Gravemaker to 80. Now i have the mats to make second red 80. I have Elena,Santa,Marjana, and Zimkitha. Im thinking Marjana or Zim but i was hoping for some feedback before i start dumping in the food

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Tough call. Are you looking at leveling up a hero for a specific purpose or just to use all around. Who are your other heroes?

whats your roster?

what you lack?

Well my Def is Elkanan, Delilah, GM, Magni, and Victor. I have Sartara and Drake Fong i use for Titans and raids.
I like the idea of Zim debuff but Mar power would be nice. Troop lvls very from 14 to 17 lvl on my def team

Id say Zimkitha. Not the best for titans but one of the best utiliy hero (an the the best cleanser) in the game.

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I would say Zim for sure. Great utility hero. Marjana if you need a sniper. Had good DOT. Santa if you need a tank. Elena is underrated. Her defense sucks but her attack is strong and her counterattack can spell doom. They all pair nice with Gravemaker. If it were my choice I would level Zim up.

None of those options are going to knock GM out of your defensive lineup. What does your red stack look like for raids?

Zimkitha, with Gravemaker that is a SICK combo.

I would go for Zim - she can cleanse and slightly bluff all hero attack which will come in handy for all event. Not forgetting she can heal 4% of red element heroes with her and GM i think it will be great defense setup.

All the best!

Thanks for tje feedback
Im starting Zim now

Good choice :smiley: Zim has changed raids for me in a good way, she just clears everything and at fast mana = awesome.

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