Who should I focus on?

Hello everyone I have been reading the forums for a while for help but this is my first post. I have been playing for 6 months or so. I am CTP and currently find myself wonder who to use my materials on. I am seem to be stuck on the cusp between gold and platinum and want to make my defense team sturdier to stay in platinum.

I only have 1 compass at the moment so I can only ascend 1 hero, and I have enough materials for every color except yellow.

Wondering if I should ascend Kadilen up or do one of my 4 star ones that is ready

My defense team left to right is Caedmon, Rigard, Sonya, Kasshrek, Kelile

Thanks :slight_smile:

My heros

Rigard 4/70 (4)
Proteus 3/59
Sabina 3/60
Sabina 2/20
Domitia 1/9
Tiburtus 2/14
Ameonna 1/1

Wu Kong 4/70 (2)
Justice 2/60
Danzaburo 3/60
Li Xiu 3/60
Hu Tao 3/60
Chao 3/60

Sonya 4/70 (7)
Grimm 3/60
Boril 3/60
Triton 3/16
Grimm 3/1
Agwe 1/1
Sonya 1/1


Caedmon 4/70 (7)
Skittleskull 3/60
Kashhrek 3/60
Gadeirus 3/56
Kadilen 2/60
Gobbler 1/1


Kelile 4/70 (4)
Boldtusk 3/60
Gormek 3/60
Wilbur 3/29
Gotmek 1/1

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Welcome @steve-o :slightly_smiling_face:

Do Proteus, Boldtusk, Grimm and then whoever you like.

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just finished legendary in event…for me to be able to that was the result of firing off Proteous…lots of mana items too so I’d tip my hat to Proteous

Universal advise on this forum is to focus on 4* heroes first.
I’d say that Kasshrek is a very good tank for low platinum level.

Welcome @steve-o

I found Boldtusk to be a good solid 4* tank for platinum. Proteus is a great 4*. Wish I had him. Grimm with his def down will help on raids and titans.

I’d still concentrate on the 4* for a while before tackling the 5*. 4* heroes will keep you in platinum and provide a solid bench going forward.

Red bt Wilbur
Green gadeirus skittles
Purple proteus tibs ghost
Blue Grimm triton
Yellow chao li

To level just 1 I’d have to go with Proteus. Completed both epic and legendary challenge event tiers with him just keeping the bosses at bay and the rest was easy.


In my honest opinion, from your list above, the next four heroes you need to level up are:
Good luck

IMO, in order from left to right. Level with a rainbow plan project, so red feeder to red hero, etc.
Purple: Proteus, Tiburtus, Sabina
Yellow: Chao, Li, Hu Tao
Blue: Grimm, Triton, 2nd Grimm, 2nd Sonya
Green: Gadeirus
Red: Boldtusk, Wilbur

If you have only one compass: Proteus.

Sonya - Caedmon - Rigard - Li Xiu - Kelile

For future, Boldtusk is great tank… even in Diamond.

First things first - where do you get more compasses etc?

Helping beat titans, win wars, filling raid chests.

Hero’s that help you do that will help you be able to get more compasses quicker.
Your defence team is not a high priority in this… Don’t prioritize defence yet.

Proteus is great for delaying enemy attacks, Wilbur is great for spreading damage and keeping your critical hero’s alive longer.

Either of those will help you significantly… I’d probably do Wilbur first but neither is a wrong choice.

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That is the best answer.

Wilbur > proteus > boldtusk

When you have those ready, if you have the mats, consider kadilen. it will take a long time to max her, but be rewarding

Thank you all for your responses. I was leaning on Proteus and Wilbur from other posts i read about them. But was tempted with Kashhrek because he always seems to be a pain in my butt on raids.

Yea he can be (the trick earlier on is to stack green, yellow or purple… Not red unless you have falcon)… But your defence team does nothing to help you start earning more mats, it just holds cups.
And once he’s out of your defence (which he will be eventually), you’ll almost never use him again.

You’re so much better off building for completing things.

No, isn’t worth for just being a platinum tank but nothing more.

Focus on heroes to improve your titan hits, map progress and to beat rare quests, events and seasonals. Def should get the last priority. You’ll always be able to set up a def. Your def won’t get you anywhere in this game.

It’s all about faster progress and fun. So maybe level up Gobbler first who will make you laugh all day long. :partying_face:

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Funny enough, I started leveling gobbler yesterday because all my other greens are as far as I can take them :joy:


Got a compass this morning from a war :smiley:

Proteous would be my choice… definitely buys your team time after using his skills on your opponent

Purples: proteus then tibs
Yellow lixiu then Chao
Blue grimm then Triton
Green caedmon then gadeirus
Red boldtusk then wilbur

My apologies you did say one. I would say proteus. His mana block will help u in events. Then next would be Wilbur. Then work on your defense downs grimms then tibs

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